'Celebrity Show-Off': Bella Thorne eliminated after her high-art video fails to garner enough views

'Celebrity Show-Off': Bella Thorne eliminated after her high-art video fails to garner enough views
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Bella Thorne was eliminated from 'Celebrity Show-Off' on tonight's episode. The decision was taken by her fellow contestants Kevin Smith, Tori Spelling and Jason Mraz. 

'Celebrity Show-Off' is about five celebrities competing against each other, every week. Each one of them is required to create compelling content for the internet and the same is uploaded to TBS Network's YouTube channel. The celebrities with the most engagement on their videos get to stay in the competition. Like we found out on the episode tonight (June 30) that the two celebrities with the least engagement on their videos are then at the mercy of the safe celebrities who vote to decide who gets to stay and who goes home.

This time the choice was between Ja Rule and Thorne as they were the ones with the lowest engagement on their videos. Ja Rule was all over the news after the show premiered last week. His Papa Cristo's commercial was a hot topic of discussion on Twitter and it caught the attention of many media houses as well. Thorne's fans went into a tizzy after they saw her create high-art with her sisters Kaili and Dani. The trio tried to turn themselves into Frida Kahlo, Piccaso and Van Gogh with the use of makeup and just a little bit of marijuana (or too much) thrown into the mix to make it fun.

If Twitter reactions are anything to go by, both Ja Rule and Thorne had managed to impress their fans but the numbers on Smith, Spelling and Mraz's YouTube videos were better. This resulted in Thorne being eliminated as she managed to garner just one vote from Spelling. However, she still won some money for her charity 'Feeding America' with whatever time she spent on the show.

Fans of the social media superstar were very happy to see her on television and after her elimination, they took to Twitter to weigh in. One wrote, "Boo!!! #celebshowoff how could we lose @bellathorne on the show? She'll always be in our hearts. Thank you for effort and helping @FeedingAmerica #feedingamerica." While another wrote, "#CelebShowOff NO!!!! I wanted @bellathorne to stay! She was my favorite!" Another wrote, "Bye Bye @bellathorne I wish everyone could stay #celebshowoff."

Each week, a new celebrity will be seen replacing the eliminated one and Diplo joined the show after Thorne's exit. To watch what Mraz, Smith, Spelling, Ja Rule and Diplo have in store next, head to TBS Network's channel on YouTube. 

''Celebrity Show-Off' airs on Tuesday nights on TBS.

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