'Celebrity Show-Off': Nene Leakes rules top spot while Travis Kelce gets eliminated after 'Manscaping' failure

Kelce joined the show just last week, replacing rapper Ja Rule, but it looks like he is going home for not making it past the one week mark

                            'Celebrity Show-Off': Nene Leakes rules top spot while Travis Kelce gets eliminated after 'Manscaping' failure
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Tuesday night's (January 21) episode of 'Celebrity Show-Off' saw footballer Travis Kelce's elimination. He joined the show just last week, replacing rapper Ja Rule after his elimination but didn't manage to make it past the one week mark. For his debut on this show, which also saw the participation of NeNe Leakes, Jason Mraz, Kevin Smith and Tori Spelling, Kelce presented 'Manscaping with Travis' where he exhibited his landscaping skills with three challenges on his newly purchased property. 

Kelce's participation was aimed at raising money for his foundation Eight-Seven & Running. Founded in 2015 by Kelce, the organization aims to help underserved youth strive become productive citizens by mentoring and motivating them to explore and develop their abilities while learning critical life skills. They help provide resources and enrichment opportunities for the youth and their communities through fundraising, athletic programs, mentoring and outreach initiatives. 

While Kelce's manscaping show didn't make the cut, 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star NeNe Leakes' show ruled over audiences and ranked at the top in terms of views. She bounced back after ending up in the bottom last week and landed on the number one position guaranteeing another week on the show. Leakes is aware of her abilities to entertain and playing on those strengths she created 'NENE Tv' where she slipped into many different characters including that of a snake, an otter, and 'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison.

After her video was replayed on the episode tonight, a number of fans took to Twitter to congratulate her for creating the most binge-worthy show. "#CelebShowOff I think that NeNe Leakes is binge-worthy," wrote a fan. Another shared, "@NeNeLeakes stepping up her creative game on week 5! @celebshowoff #celebshowoff". Another wrote, "@celebshowoff NeNe was fantastic! All her video clips with her as the characters was so fun. I couldn’t wait to see them all!!!#celebshowoff".

Kevin Smith is the only celebrity to have ruled the number one spot for three consecutive weeks on 'Celebrity Show-Off' which completed five weeks on the air after tonight's episode. Leakes has defeated his highly popular sit-com 'Son-In-Lockdown' and fans are asking him to up his game, "Lmao [email protected] is a serious freakin competition!Watch out Kev-Kev @ThatKevinSmith #celebshowoff #[email protected]" wrote a fan. Another wrote, "@ThatKevinSmith
@NeNeLeakes She yawned at you! #celebshowoff".

'Celebrity Show-Off' airs Tuesday nights at 10 pm ET on TBS.

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