'Celebrity IOU': Is Zooey Deschanel planning to quit acting to join renovation business with Jonathan Scott?

Zooey rolled up her fancy sleeves to give her friend Sarah a renovation of her dreams. She was very involved and even hinted that she'd like to join Jonathan at work

                            'Celebrity IOU': Is Zooey Deschanel planning to quit acting to join renovation business with Jonathan Scott?
Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott (Getty Images)

'Celebrity IOU' aired its Season 2 premiere episode on Monday, December 14, night. Joining the Property Brothers was Zooey Deschanel who wanted to surprise Sarah, her best friend of 35 years with a home renovation that would make her 900 sq ft home look better with efficient use of space. After telling Sarah about all they had planned for the house and sending her off in the cab with her family, Zooey came back to the house immediately.

Jonathan and Andrew "Drew" Scott were already inside and it was go-time. They began dismantling the structures but Zooey wasn't there to be a mere spectator. She rolled up her fancy sleeves, as Jonathan described it, and got down to business with a hammer and was later seen trying out other equipment and getting comfortable with it.

She was seen taking down the shiplap using a pry bar and other electrical equipment. Even though she did not come across as an expert at these things, she was determined to get a hang of everything and help as much as she could during the process because this was as special to her as it was going to be for Sarah. Drew expected her to be around to give all her inputs to the crew and them regarding Sarah's style and then leave them to do the rest of the work.

However, she kept coming back to the house after finishing her other commitments and everyone was thankful as it was all hands on deck. Later on, she was also seen laying her first hardwood floor. On the ground, on her knees, mallet in one hand, she superglued the hardwood board onto the floor with some help from Jonathan, making sure it was strongly secured to the ground.

Zooey had not just completely immersed herself in the construction bit but was also super involved in picking the elements for the design of Sarah's house. She also approached a friend of Jonathan who designed fixtures for a customized piece for Sarah's house. At one point in the episode, she can be heard telling Jonathan, "let's just renovate kitchens."

Jonathan too was heard waxing poetic about Zooey's love for all things design, not just in clothes but also decor. He added that she reads a lot of design books for homes. Were all of these subtle hints? Is Zooey hanging her boots and planning to quit acting? Is she swapping her entertainment career to build homes and renovate spaces with her very famous renovation-expert beau Jonathan Scott? Guess only time will tell.

'Celebrity IOU' airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on HGTV.

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