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'Tommy' Episode 6: Abner Diaz's change in attitude comes as a surprise, fans say he's a 'great detective'

The ex-detective-turned-security officer for Tommy has so far seemed a patient and quiet individual, and now, he exposes us to certain traits of his character, which come as a surprise
UPDATED MAR 20, 2020
Vladimir Caamano as Abner Diaz and Edie Falco as Tommy (IMDb)
Vladimir Caamano as Abner Diaz and Edie Falco as Tommy (IMDb)

Abner Diaz is best known as Chief Abigail "Tommy" Thomas' personal security detail. He also does the job of her driver, but not necessarily as a chauffeur. However, that's not all that he could be defined as.

Diaz, as we have learned through the episodes, was not always in this designation. In the earlier years of his career, Diaz used to be a detective and he continues to show his investigative traits and ability to seek the truth.

Now, his professional skills aside, Diaz is also known to be amicable and supportive to his boss and colleagues and serves as a great resource. Even fans like him, such as this one fan on Twitter who commented on his performance in 'Ninth Girl': "Diaz is definitely a great detective. #Tommy"

Diaz showed us in this episode that he is not all passive all the time. Tommy understands his potential and tries to put his investigative skills to use.

For instance, in 'Ninth Girl', Diaz had to go and interview suspects for a kidnapping case of an infant. He had to team up with his ex-colleague, Detective Keller. But the two officers had some unresolved beef with each other, which left Keller insecure about Diaz.

Even fans called out on the continuing conflict between the two men and finally realized who’s better at their job. "#TommyonCBS @TommyOnCBS ok Diaz is a much better cop than you," commented a fan.

The two detectives cannot work together and that's when Diaz's aggressive side came to light. So far, he has been a very passive guy, without any qualms about how others function and would accommodate people’s behavior as they are.

But now, we see him as a more assertive person, who can also get rough if the need be. This is a surprise for us, seeing the friendly, cooperative man get brash with his colleagues.

We aren't sure about what exactly went down between Diaz and Keller, but we can definitely say that Diaz has a lot more shades to his character than what he shows. And we cannot wait to see him in his element as his character grows.

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