Gayle King tells Stephen Colbert she would have been relieved if her coronavirus antibody test was positive

She said a positive antibody test would make her relieved because then that would mean she had, had coronavirus and had come out the other side fine

                            Gayle King tells Stephen Colbert she would have been relieved if her coronavirus antibody test was positive
Gayle King (Getty Images)

Late-night shows have most definitely taken into account social distancing during this pandemic and their delivery of nighttime entertainment is informative yet hilarious. Today's (May 19) episode of 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' brimmed with lightheartedness, honesty and laughter as Gayle King took the hot seat from her apartment. Jokingly telling Colbert that she dressed up and wore Spanks for him, King spoke on how it was like anchoring from home, why she wanted her antibody test for coronavirus to be positive and what she will be talking about on Thursday's (May 21) episode of 'Gayle King In The House.'

King, the co-host of 'CBS This Morning' revealed to Colbert that she had not left her home for 32 days saying that we are "human weapons running around." After having a few symptoms around the time Covid-19 concerns started to surface, King revealed that she thought she had the virus. She had recently taken the antibody test and while it, fortunately, came back negative, Gayle's reaction wasn't what people would hope for. She said that she asked if the test was effective because if she did have it, she would be relieved that she had, had it and had come out the other side, fine.

Gayle King (CBS)

The host also took the platform to speak on her show 'Gayle King In The House' which talks about all things Covid-19. In this week's episode, King revealed that she wants to talk about dating/relationships amid coronavirus saying, that relationships during this time could "bring you together, or rip you apart. There's either going to be more divorces or more babies. What's your story?" she asked. King continued to say that it is hard being alone during this time as everybody she loves isn't at close proximity: "I'm sick at me, myself,' she said jokingly. "I don't know when I'm getting on a flight, it's hard." She said that though it's been tough she is one of the lucky ones because she has her health, her job and a home.

The anchor has always been news obsessed and when asked on how it was like anchoring at home, she mentioned she liked the camaraderie and collaborations. “Viewers are inviting you into their home, but they’re now being invited into ours," she said. As they conversed, King revealed that amid the pandemic, the political campaign is not on the news as much saying, "The political campaign is being lost in the shuffle" she said making it a point to say that it is very important that we all vote. Colbert, who shows makes jokes on the national topic of the current times, agreed to say that this was the first time he isn't speaking about presidents during these months on the show.

'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' airs on all the weekdays on CBS. 

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