'Attempted assassination': Cat pushes owner's dog down the stairs in viral video

Soon after the video went viral, the Internet got divided as to whether the feline was fierce or the dog extra dramatic

                            'Attempted assassination': Cat pushes owner's dog down the stairs in viral video
Cat pushed owner's 15-year-old dog down the stairs (TikTok/@Queefly)

Cats, dogs, and the never-ending chase! A woman based in US shared a video of her cat pushing their elderly dog down the stairs. The trending TikTok video has divided netizens into two! With over 29 million views, some believe it's the cat that's cunning while others think the dog is dramatic. 

The TikTok video shows a 15-year-old Labrador Retriever named Bailey, wearing an ace bandage and walking down the stairs. As the elderly dog, Bailey was struggling to make her way down the stairs, when the feline named Snickers appeared behind the canine and started biting her leg. Bailey, in an attempt to get away, jumped forward which led to her slipping and falling off the stairs. 


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The woman who posted the video captioned it as, "My cat pushed my elderly dog down the stairs." No sooner did she upload the pic, the Internet got divided as to whether it is the feline who was fierce or the dog extra dramatic. 

Cat pushes dog in viral video (Image credit:  @queefly/tiktok)


Is she (Bailey) okay after the attempted assassination?

One concerned follower commented on the viral Tiktok video, "Is she (Bailey) okay after the attempted assassination?" while another user replied by saying, "Yeah, she's kickin'."

Some users slammed the cat for being reckless. One user said, "The cat was framed. There was no pushing." Adding fuel to the flame, another user added, "Nah that dog definitely being dramatic." 

A logical opinion put forward by another TikTok user said, "Why are you guys saying they're overreacting? He's an old senior dog and may have weak bones, he's too fragile to fall down the stairs.' 

Going on a completely different track, some users are seen joking around about this incident. A user said, 'It literally looks like she did it on purpose to get the cat in trouble.' Another comment read, 'the cat said, "it's your time grandpa". A different comment went like, "that cat was like "and I'll do it again"". A user said, 'the cat said "Let's speed up the process" while another said, "cat said "keep it moving granny"".

Tiktoker confirmed her elderly dog is OK

Putting an end to the debate and the worried netizens, the woman confirmed that her 15-year-old dog, Bailey, is thankfully doing okay. "She's indestructible", the woman wrote while sharing another video of Bailey. Defending her cat, the Tiktoker further added that Snickers was "sometimes sweet" but "too smart for his own good".

It is an age-old rumor that cats and dogs do not get along that well. Additionally, it is also said that sometimes cats may not gel well with other cats too. However, a 2018 survey conducted on pet owners revealed that in up to 80% of homes, pets are very comfortable with one another.