'Carnival Row': From Puck to Faerie, know all the magical creatures you will encounter very soon

'Carnival Row': From Puck to Faerie, know all the magical creatures you will encounter very soon

‘Carnival Row’ is one of the most magical fantastical series to be streamed on Amazon Prime, and you bet there are quite a few magical creatures you need to get yourself familiarized with.

The show, which focuses on the racism many humans harbor towards humanoids, or Critches as they are called by haters, introduces a variety of magical creatures. Some we already know through pop culture are the werewolves and centaurs. But the series introduces us to many more, their existence possibly unknown to most of us.

Here is a starter pack on all the humanoids you will get to meet when ‘Carnival Row’ premieres on August 30, on Amazon Prime.

Cara Delevigne as Vingette (Twitter)


One of the earliest civilizations in the ‘Carnival Row’ world, Faeries are from a continent called Tirnanoc. They lived a civilized life even when mankind was in the Stone Ages, but they remained hidden on the other side of the world.

Hollow-boned, they age at a slower rate than humans and are much lighter. This aids their flight even as they take off with their skeletal, muscular, hydrostat wings. They are quiet and smooth and agile.

Some of the most recognizable faeries in the Amazon series will be Cara Delevingne’s Vignette and her best friend Tourmaline, portrayed by Karla Crome.


These half-goat half-humans are more often referred to as “Puck” in the series, which is established as a derogatory term. With a robust and rich history of their own, Fauns have hooves for legs and very distinct horns which curl.

They are very strong and are usually employed as factory workers, maids, and groundskeepers.

David Gyasi as Agreus (Twitter)

The two most significant Pucks we meet in the series are Agreus (David Gyasi), a rich humanoid with boundless dreams who moves into a rich human neighborhood, and Quill (Scott Reid), who lives by the societal rules before he is forced to look past it.



One of the most powerful Faes of all, she could be called the witch doctor of the Fae world. She can predict the future and make potions for all your needs. There is only one known Haruspex, and she is hugely devoted to Indira Varma’s Piety Breakspear. She is very pivotal to the series.



Now, this is neither human nor a humanoid. This creature is a killer created by knitting together multiple beings.

The other species of Fae we meet through the series include the half-human half-horse Centaurs, very tall and thick-bodied troll-like creatures called Trow and the mischievous little creatures called Kobolds. We do not see many significant characters belonging to these species in the series, although you might want to keep an eye out for some pretty significant storyline involving the Kobolds Fike, Leopold, Cassiopeia, and Traidy.


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 Carnival Row From Puck to Faerie know all the Faes you will meet in the Burgue