Carly Steel opens up about that heavily memed Met Gala look and the one life-changing decision she still mulls over

The entertainment reporter has made a seamless transition into a movie and tv star and was last seen in the film 'The Con is On.'

                            Carly Steel opens up about that heavily memed Met Gala look and the one life-changing decision she still mulls over
Carly Steel (Source:Getty Images)

Carly Steel is the star whose rise to stardom has been nothing short of amazing, has jet-set all over the globe with some of Hollywood’s biggest talents. She has joined the likes of Tom Cruise, Mariah Carey, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Celine Dion, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Vin Diesel on their global adventures, as a reporter, is now a star herself.  

The ET correspondent was an integral part of James Oakley's heist comedy film 'The Con is On,' which was released in a limited release and through video on demand on May 4, 2018. In it, she played the role of a journalist alongside megastars such as Uma Thurman, Tim Roth, Alice Eve, Sofía Vergara and Maggie Q.  

Meaww had the opportunity to chat with Carly about the life-changing decisions that led her to become one of the most recognized, loved and trusted faces in Hollywood. Here are some edited excerpts from the interview:   

What can you tell us about your role in The Con Is On? Did you have to audition for the part?   

Carly: I play a reporter who is doing a feature on Tim Roth's character. And despite my real life credentials for the part I did have to audition and go and meet with the director. I actually like to audition as I always want to know what I'm doing is along the right lines otherwise I second guess myself the first day on set!

Who was the funniest person on the sets? Could you share a funny behind-the-scenes incident with us?

Carly: The funniest person on the set was definitely Parker Posey — she's so fabulous and quirky just like she is on screen and is inseparable from her really cute pet dog so it was running amuck around the big mansion outside NYC — it was really funny!

You have come a long way from interviewing stars to becoming a huge star yourself. What has that journey been like? Was there a breakout moment or has the rise in fame been gradual?

Carly: I would say my breakout moment was definitely my shoot with Mariah Carey on her yacht in Capri for Entertainment Tonight - because Mariah and her then-fiancé James Packer had 'His & Hers' superyachts that particular piece really put me on the map. People still come up and ask me about it! That and winning 2 Emmys. 

What are some of your favorite moments from your acting career? Has the transition from interviewing to acting been seamless for you?

Carly: Some of my favorite acting moments are definitely the process of making Unstoppable and being directed up in a helicopter with Tony Scott, that was epic, and also a movie I made with Heather Morris, Teri Polo, Oscar Nunez and Jonathan Bennett — called Romantically Speaking — that was my first lead role, I love playing the villain and it reruns all the time on TV and people seem to really enjoy that one which is always nice!

You have been on sets with some of the biggest stars including Uma Thurman, Sofia Vergara, Charlie Sheen and Ron Perlman. How easy or difficult has it been for you to turn off the journalist antennas and not sniff around for a story when you're around them? 

Carly: As primarily a film correspondent, I don't have to do gossip segments — that isn't to say I'm afraid to ask the hard questions face to face because I have been known to do that — but background reporting, and reporting of that nature, has never been part of my job which has been really lucky and is what has made my particular role at ET unique and why I'm able to maintain good relationships built on trust. Now, that's not to say my friends and acquaintances don't ask me all the time what the actors are really like, but on the whole, that kind of dinner table chat is pretty positive!

What was it like, being the centre of attention at the Met Gala last year? How long did it take before the memes stopped coming your way? Did you manage to get a shout-out from Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen after the gala?

Carly: It certainly came as a surprise, as there are so many megastars at the Met, the expectation of drawing any kind of attention is minimal. I knew the House of Halos crown I was wearing would stand out, but then at the Met, most people are dressed in a decadent way, so I certainly didn't expect it at that level.

I was flying to Venice the next day for a shoot on the Orient Express and couldn't believe the amount of calls and alerts I was getting over that, and when Celine Dion serenaded me on the red carpet. I'd hung out with Celine in Paris during fashion week and we did a day in the life shoot with her there for the lead up to her concert so we had a really good bond but that moment was so epic and one I'll never forget! It literally brought the entire carpet to a standstill. I don't think there's any topping that!

I understand you were on your way to becoming a lawyer. What made you deviate from that trajectory? Have you ever reconsidered the decision to take up acting?

Carly: I was really young when I graduated University in England, 19, to be exact as I started university at 16 and in England, you study law at an undergraduate level and its 3 years. I was all set to be a lawyer, I'd worked for various law firms during the holidays at University including the Queen's law firm, Farrer & Co but I was so young it was suggested I take a "gap year" to get some life experience. Which I did by moving to NYC and working at Vogue then never went back! I reconsider that decision every day — so does my Dad! Haha

What are some of the top things on your career bucket list in terms of directors/actors you want to work with, genres you want to explore and roles you want to play?

Carly: I have a very silly sense of humor, that's something I've gotten to explore a little but not to its full extent so I would definitely love to work on a comedy with Paul Feig who I adore — he's the best — smart, stylish a wicked sense of humor! I also love action adventure movies and would probably pass out to be in anything like Jurassic Park or Star Wars — something along those lines. And Bond!!!

If you could say one thing to prepare your fans for 'The Con is On,' what would it be?

Carly: It's a fun ride in a fabulous world with an amazing cast!