Cardi B suffers major wardrobe malfunction on stage, returns in a bathrobe to complete her set

Cardi B suffers major wardrobe malfunction on stage, returns in a bathrobe to complete her set

Cardi B was recently in the news after suffering from complications owing to liposuction and breast augmentation surgery, following the birth of her daughter Kulture last year. But on the very second day of her comeback concert, while Cardi wasn't afflicted by health issues, a major wardrobe malfunction occurred in the middle of her set at the 2019 Bonnaroo Arts And Music Festival in Tennessee.

As she danced and twerked to the music, Cardi suffered a fashion fail that ended up revealing quite a bit of her voluptuous backside. It happened when the rapper's multicolored sequin bodysuit ripped along the seam that fell on her booty and managed to expose more than Cardi had probably intended to. 

Cardi B gets out of her bodysuit on stage after the seam along the backside ripped. Source: Twitter

The rapper from Bronx, New York has never shied away from flaunting and embracing her gorgeous curves both on stage, and amply so on her social media accounts. She takes pride in her outfit choices and believes it emphasizes her music and entrepreneurial endeavors. But in this case, things had clearly gone way beyond the amount of exposure she had planned to sell on her show. When the mishap happened however isn't clear as of now.

But kudos to Cardi for going ahead with the show as she hit the bars and rapped away to glory for the massive turnout of fans she was singing to. It was only when a couple of woman from the side stage spotted the malfunction with her wardrobe that Cardi headed away for a quick costume change, and returned in a white bathrobe over undergarments to finish what she had started. Worry not, she didn't hold back from showing ample skin even in the bathrobe, as she kept tugging and pulling it back to flaunt her cleavage and a rather elaborate thigh tattoo on the side.

Cardi has had to cancel several shows in the last couple of months, particularly in May when her doctors told her she needed more time to rest and heal from her plastic surgeries. Some of the symptoms of those were swollen feet and also burning sensations in her stomach - the resultant pain and loss of gigs from which prompted her to inform her millions of Twitter fans and followers that she vows never to get plastic surgeries again. 

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