WATCH: Cardi B physically fights with Nicki Minaj at NY Fashion Week, ends up with a bump on her forehead

Cardi B has posted about the whole fight on Instagram, claiming that she has let many issues with Nicki Minaj slide, but she couldn't the comments about her parentage slide.

                            WATCH: Cardi B physically fights with Nicki Minaj at NY Fashion Week, ends up with a bump on her forehead

After months of sub-tweets and cryptic jabs against each other, the beef between hip hop’s reigning queens has completely blown up at the New York Fashion Week. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj who had a very physical altercation on Friday night, and the former, who is said to have initiated the attack, has opened about her violent behavior.  

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper had hinted about Nicki’s backtalks and apparent attempts at sabotaging her career in the past. However, she has apparently always let it slide, and it was finally Nicki’s comments about her parenting skills that made Cardi snap. 


Cardi has also gone on to post an open letter to the ‘Queen’ singer on social media, where she clearly details her reasoning behind the attack. In the post, she claims that Nicki talked behind her back and even threatened artists against working with her. She further goes on to say that while all of that is forgivable, the one thing she will not stand for is attacks against her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus.  



She finishes the passionate post by claiming that for people like Nicki, making comments against her is part of their entertainment and when it comes to actually fight they cover. Well, fans of the OG Cardi, the one from ‘Love and Hip Hop’ know that she is, in fact, very okay with fighting others. Go on, and search for “Cardi B shoe Asia” on YouTube and you’ll know what we mean.  

Witnesses at the event claim that Nici was talking to someone when Cardi reached there and before she could do any damage, Nicki’s security guard swooped in. She did throw a shoe at Nicki, but the ‘Queen’ is reportedly scotch-free. Some have suggested that Nicki may have anticipated this altercation and instructed her security detail to be alert.


In fact, one of them seemed to have elbowed her in the face. She did walk out of the event with a huge bump on her face. Nicki, meanwhile, is said to have been cool like a cucumber during the whole ordeal, refusing to even comment on the ugly exchange to this minute.  

This is one of the best feuds to have happened in hip-hop recently, definitely juicier than the Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly feud, aka the Rap God vs Rap Devil. We cannot wait to see how this pans out. If Nicki refuses to acknowledge this ever, she will come out on top and Cardi, meanwhile, would look like the child who tried to play with fire and got burned.