Cardi B slammed for celebrating 28th birthday with huge party in Vegas amid Covid-19: 'Not a mask was in sight'

Cardi B slammed for celebrating 28th birthday with huge party in Vegas amid Covid-19: 'Not a mask was in sight'
Cardi B (Getty Images)

Cardi B is still in party mode after celebrating her 28th birthday celebration. Taking to her social media on October 13, the 'WAP' rapper is giving fans a closer look at her extravagant party with a new video. "I’m still processing all the love I got on my Birthday! It was really a beautiful night!" she began in the caption for her video and it looks like Cardi B will be sharing more content from her special night in future posts: "Here’s a sneak peak, more pictures and videos to come! Thank you @playboy for helping to make it super special!"

The event was held at AREA 15 in Las Vegas and saw a massive gathering of fans and friends. In the reggaeton-charged video designed to look like a trailer of sorts, we can see a Sahara Desert themed celebration, hosted by Playboy with exotic dancers that have snakes wrapped around themselves. The party boasted of lavish gold decor, a lion statue near a throne, a DJ to provide the night's music and even real-life camels thrown in for good measure. For her birthday look, Cardi wore a gold-and-ivory body-slimming gown and paired it with dangling crystal earrings.

Her new post drew the attention of a celebrity who attended the event and claimed to have had a really good time. "One of the best parties I’ve EVER been to!!!! PERIOD!!!! ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥," said Bobby Lytes, an actor most commonly known for the TV series 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami'.

However, Cardi B received backlash for having a party that didn't follow safety protocols during a pandemic. Apart from how loud and ostentatious it was, what caught the attention of people watching the video was that her party's attendees weren't wearing masks and it looks like her new video is being criticized for the same.

"Everyone scared w pandemic and she be havin a rockin ass party," said a fan while another wrote, "So f**k the pandemic huh?"

"500 new covid cases in 3 2 1," added another fan. More people questioned her 'Why is she glorifying partying in a pandemic?' and another called her  'queen of not wearing a mask in a pandemic'. "Cardi B really had a big birthday party in a pandemic yes. Not a mask was on in sight. Ppl in the states really going about their lives like normal yes," wondered another.















According to E! News, high-profile guests such as Megan Thee Stallion, Kylie Jenner, The Weeknd, and even Cardi's estranged husband, Offset, attended her birthday party. An E! source revealed, "The Weeknd had his own table and Teyana Taylor was seated there with him. Kylie arrived with a small group of friends and was incredibly friendly and social with all the party guests who were excited to meet her."

Do you support the nature of Cardi B's birthday celebration or feel it was unwarranted? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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