'Captain Marvel', 'Vox Lux' and 'Fantastic Beasts': Is Jude Law the new Nicolas Cage?

From the looks of it, Jude Law is seemingly on the same path as Nicolas Cage, where the priority seems to only be acting

                            'Captain Marvel', 'Vox Lux' and 'Fantastic Beasts': Is Jude Law the new Nicolas Cage?

"As everyone knows, my dream as an actor is to appear in every film ever released," Andy Samberg dressed as Nicolas Cage told Seth Meyers during one of his most popular sketches, 'Get in the Cage with Nicolas Cage and Nicolas Cage'. As funny as the line was, there was a time when this statement did not seem too far from the truth. Every movie that released, irrespective of the quality, budget, and theme, would have one thing in common – Nicolas Cage.

Even today, Cage is averaging six movies a year, which is unheard of in Hollywood. However, it seems like another actor is following Cage’s footsteps and maybe even giving him a run for his money, namely the dreamy Brit Jude Law, whose roles in brilliant films such as 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' and 'Cold Mountain' made us fall in love with him.

However, he seems to have given up on looking for specific projects and is, instead, taking up anything that comes his way.

One thing we have learned to love about Cage has been his consistency. His priority has seemingly always only been to act. He has been part of many projects that have made no sense for an actor of his caliber — take a look at movies like 'Matchstick Man' and 'City of Angels', — to be part of. It has been speculated that the only reason for Cage to do so is to keep up his luxurious lifestyle.

Reportedly he was only earning tens of millions from his movies, even though he loved to live like a billionaire, which included owning multiple extravagant homes and private jets.

There are also reports of his unbelievable expenses on items such as dinosaur skulls, albino king cobras, the Shah of Iran's Lamborghini, European castles and a pyramid among other things.

Cage, however, would not have been able to keep up with the lifestyle, had he gotten picky about the projects he takes up. Moreover, he allegedly amassed a debt of close to $25 million to the IRS in property taxes as of early 2018. It is understood now that having sold most of these useless items and having taken on most movie roles coming his way, Cage has gotten back on his feet.  

Nicolas Cage attends the 'Mom and Dad' premiere during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival at Ryerson Theatre on September 9, 2017, in Toronto, Canada. (Getty Images)
Nicolas Cage attends the 'Mom and Dad' premiere during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival at Ryerson Theatre on September 9, 2017, in Toronto, Canada. (Getty Images)

From the looks of it, Law is seemingly on the same path. For Law, however, it is not the extravagant lifestyle that seems to have caused him to go down this road. Rather, a huge alimony that he has to pay his exes is allegedly the reason for his decision to take on every project that comes his way.  

In 2014, Daily Mail had reported that he pays about $1,90,000 in alimony for his four children. The figure was split between his ex-wife Sadie Frost and Samantha Burke, the mother of his illegitimate child and the woman he cheated on his then-wife with. With Sadie, Law has three children, son Rafferty, born 1996, daughter Iris, born 2000, and son Rudy, born 2002. In November 2006, Law and his then-girlfriend Sienna Miller, also broke up because he had an affair with his children's nanny, for which he publically apologized. He later went on to have another daughter with Catherine Harding, with whom he is no longer in a relationship with. 

Law, possibly to make up for the alimony and the upbringing of his five children, has taken on quite a few projects recently. For 2019, he already has three movies — 'The Rhythm Section', 'Captain Marvel' and 'The Next ' — lined up. Fortunately for Law, unlike Cage, there seems to be a saving grace of one form or another for all his films. This year’s 'Vox Lux', for example, had Natalie Portman helming the ship, while the upcoming 'Captain Marvel' movie, which marks the first female-led superhero movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has success written all over it for all the obvious reasons.

Law’s recent movie 'Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald' again, was a sure-shot success at the box office, considering it is part of the 'Harry Potter' franchise. The film did not do all that great with most fans finding it boring and pointless, but Law's Dumbledore was adored by fans of all ages. It was also a great decision for Law to take on this role, considering it would be the gift that keeps on giving, seeing as there are at least a couple more films to come from the franchise.

His undeniable talent is clearly bringing Law is a much better crop of movies than Cage, and hopefully, the streak continues. However, fans are noticing that he is in every project they have watched recently and one slip may actually give him a reputation that he might find difficult to shrug off.