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'Cannonball': Gospel singer Josiah Johnson beats all the athletes to take home $10,000

In tonight's episode, Josiah beat a stuntman, a female motorcycle stuntwoman, a radio producer and a former LAPD detective to win the grand prize
(USA Network)
(USA Network)

'Cannonball' has been on air since July 9. Over the past three weeks, incredible athletes have risked their lives and limbs in their pursuit to win $10,000. However, to bag the prize money, athletes have to compete over five supersized water challenges. Each episode features 12 athletes and at the end of each challenge, the bottom performers go home while the rest move up and only four of them go to take on the final challenge.

This week had athletes from various walks of life — motorcycle stuntwoman, stuntwoman and a former LAPD detective were among the contestants. But it was gospel singer and songwriter Josiah Johnson who ended up winning $10,000.

The challenges this episode included Super Slide, Savage Swing, Surfrider, Blast Off and the final challenge, the Cannon. A number of interesting athletes were a part of the July 30 episode. One was Mizziel Serra, a motorcycle stuntwoman who in her introductory video said that all the scars she accumulated over the years made her battle-ready and she was ready for 'Cannonball'. These words were not empty talk as she performed exceptionally in all challenges except for the final challenge. 

This episode also saw Nick contending to win the grand prize. 24-year-old Eric Sun, a stuntman, too had his eye on the prize and he came into the competition with a lot of confidence which also led him to be among the final two contenders in the final challenge.

Former LAPD detective of 27 years, Armando Romero, too was a part of the competition and he instantly became a fan favorite from the word go. "I eat a lot of food and drink a lot of beer. I am what you call a tyrannosaurus rex, big head small hands. I am perfect for this competition. I am round and I am shaped like a cannonball," he said in his introduction. He was the top-ranking athlete at the end of the first challenge and did well in the second one too, but Surfrider was the doom of him and he fell off the very next second he set foot on the airborne surfboard. Jesse Brummel, a radio producer, was channeling his inner Tiger King with a mullet hairstyle and was sure that it is what would help him win the $10,000. 

'Cannonball' airs on Wednesday nights at 8 pm ET only on USA Network.