Candace Owens blasts Harry and Meghan for latest Oprah Winfrey interview: ‘Somebody check on them?’

Candace Owens' remarks came after Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and Oprah Winfrey talked about the making of the ‘The Me You Can't See’

                            Candace Owens blasts Harry and Meghan for latest Oprah Winfrey interview: ‘Somebody check on them?’
Candace Owens has criticized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before (Getty Images/ Jason Kempin and Toby Melville - WPA Pool)

Candace Owens has taken a dig at Harry and Meghan for being a little too open about their experiences as part of the royal family. The conservative author took to Twitter to slam the Sussexes for speaking about their time in the UK in Harry’s latest Apple series, weeks after they gave their first bombshell interview to Oprah Winfrey that shocked the royal family.

The Duke of Sussex opened up about himself and his family in the mental health documentary series ‘The Me You Can't See’, which launched on May 21 on Apple TV. In his segment, Harry spoke about feeling hunted on UK soil and bared his soul when he allowed cameras to record a therapy session to deal with his anxiety attacks. The five-episode show released a special 'bonus' episode on Friday, May 28, that showed the 36-year-old duke talking with co-producer Oprah Winfrey, and discussing the making of the series. In the episode -- titled ‘A Path Forward’ -- Harry was seen saying he “loves to see” when families “thrive” as they talk about mental health. Before that, he had accused his family of “total neglect" for his mental health issues.


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But Candace Owens apparently has had enough of these tell-all interviews. She tweeted, “It’s been 3 days since Prince Harry has offered another exclusive interview regarding how much he and Meghan hate his family. Can somebody check on them?” The 32-year-old had earlier criticized the couple for being too vocal about their problems. She also alleged that Harry was in an "emotionally abusive relationship" with the former actress.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends the '100 days of peace' concert to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War at Central Hall Westminster on September 06, 2018 in London, United Kingdom. The evening will benefit three mental health charities 'Heroes', 'Combat Stress' and 'Heads Together'. (Photo by Geoff Pugh - WPA Pool/Getty Images)


The controversial conservative author had once said in a tweet, “I cannot say enough that Prince Harry is in an emotionally abusive relationship. Meghan has groomed him to believe that she is his mother reincarnate—only this time, he has a chance to save her. It is so disturbing to watch. Please stop putting cameras on him.”


Owens also lashed out at the couple, who stepped down from the senior royal duties in March last year to start an independent life in the US, after their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March. At the time, she tweeted, “Meghan Markle is less than 25% black. Her son is less than 12% black. Her and Harry implying that everything that happened to them is because of her blackness is a sickening level of scapegoating. What Harry is doing to his family (who cannot respond) is unforgivable.”


Her reaction was in response to Meghan’s allegation that when she was pregnant with her firstborn, one of the royals was more concerned about the color of the baby. Owens also told Sean Hannity: “If you have seen a picture of Archie and you believe he suffered anti-black racism, then call me a Nigerian prince and give me your credit card.”

Meanwhile, for her recent comment, Owens received a lot of reactions on the internet -- some were in her favor while others mocked her. One user tweeted, “I just don’t understand how he was able to get help for himself (he admitted to years of therapy) yet when his wife needed help no such thing existed. Can’t have the story both ways Harry.” Another user commented, “He is yours now! We don’t need to check up on him from this side of the pond. ! Thankfully.” While a person said, “Candy is sad because Prince Harry didn't marry her.”

Host Candace Owens is seen on set of "Candace" on March 31, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will air on Friday, April 2, 2021. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)




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