Candace Owens slams US education system for producing 'failures', Internet calls her 'product of the failures'

In a recent op-ed, Owens wrote how students might be graduating at higher rates, with more degrees, but they are 'infinitely dumber'

                            Candace Owens slams US education system for producing 'failures', Internet calls her 'product of the failures'
Candace Owens isn't very impressed with the current education system in place (Getty Images)

Candace Owens is often in the news for her conservative ideas, no-nonsense attitude, criticism of Democrats, and for very openly supporting Donald Trump. She has now taken to call out the American education system for apparently "systematically producing failures". 

Or as she calls them: "Passionate failures. People that are passionate about their ignorance."


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In a recent op-ed she wrote for The Daily Wire, Owens wrote how students might be graduating at higher rates, with more degrees, but they are "infinitely dumber". She also noted that the education system is in "favor of woke, emotional, psychological conditioning", adding that students aren't taught anything, that the system is "being effectively rinsed of hard academics and objective metrics" but "how you feel". 

No racism in America

In the latest op-ed, Owens writes "The truth is there are no racist systems in America anymore."

Writing that there is no law that stops her from really achieving anything should she want to, Owens wrote that "the only trace of systemic oppression that targets black people is happening in schools, where a black woman like me would be taught that I will never be anything more than a black person."

She adding that 'critical race theory' is teaching children that "America is an evil, oppressive, fundamentally racist country and we are forever defined by our race." And added that this is why the Left has "tried to make education sexy" over the last two decades.

Listing the different degrees one can get from colleges from Gender Studies, Women’s Studies and Latin-x Studies to Social Justice and Civic Responsibilities, Owens added that regardless of getting multiple "meaningless" degrees, chances are, one won't earn any money. "Best you can do is maybe become a professor and teach the nothing that you know to a future generation of know-nothings." She added, "It’s hard to monetize a bachelor’s degree in Feminist Dance Theory."

'Crush America'

Writing that the current education system is "unsustainable", Owens said that her opinion is my it is an attempt to "weaken" the country and to "render its future generations impotent".

"In essence, dumber kids equates to a dumber workforce. A dumber workforce equates to a dumber America. A dumber America equates to a weaker America, and a weaker America equates to a superpower no more. America will be overtaken without a single shot fired," she concluded her op-ed.

Twitter reacts

Social media is not mincing words towards Owens following this with many pointing out how her op-ed piece reeks of privilege. "I don’t get being a white supremacist that isn’t white.....," one tweeted. "“It is better to stand at the right hand of the Devil, for then you are immune to his wrath.” That’s the thinking of every Van Jones, Candace Owens, Stacy Dash, and Black Proud Boy. They think that if they side with the master, he’ll treat them better than the other slaves," another responded. "Also why the fuck should anyone listen to what Candace Owens has to say about education policy? Name one single scholarly publication, one research grant, or one piece of empirical work she's done on the subject. You can't, because her job is to be a mouth, not a brain," one user commented. "Look, I'm not a fan of Candace Owens but even I wouldn't blame her for "The American Education System" systematically producing failures. I would say she's a product of the failures, not the cause," another user took a jab at her. 






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