California shooting: Six people including suspected gunman dead

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood, the suspected gunman went to a trucking business with his wife, before killing a man he confronted there.

                            California shooting: Six people including suspected gunman dead

A man went on a killing spree in East Bakersfield, California on Wednesday evening, killing 5 people before turning the gun on himself. According to Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood, the suspected gunman arrived at the trucking business located on Manwell Boulevard behind Bear Mountain Sports with his wife around 5.20 pm and proceeded to shoot a man at the business before shooting and killing his wife. 

He then chased a person who witnessed these shootings to the front of Bear Mountain Sports before he shot and killed him as well. He left the premises, and confronted two more of his victims at a home in Breckenridge Road and fatally shot them. 

He drove from there to Fillmore Avenue, where he hijacked a car, which had a mother and child in it, both of whom made it out safely. The Kern County Sheriff's Department officials, who had responded to the call from the trucking business, chased the man down Edison Highway, but before they could get a hold of him he turned the gun to his chest and shot himself killing him.

The officer who confronted the gunman was wearing a body camera, but the footage has not been reviewed yet. There are reportedly around 30 witnesses to the crimes that have been committed in different locations, and they are all being interviewed as part of the investigation. 

Sheriff Youngblood, who called it a "mass shooting," said that they were investigating the motive of the suspected gunman, and claimed that there could be a connection between all his victims. The victims, who have all been confirmed as adults, have not identified.  


"This is highly unusual to have six people shot and dead in one incident," said Youngblood, even as Gun Violence Archive calls it the third-deadliest shooting in the U.S. this year after Parkland and the shooting at Santa Fe High School.