Who is Mike Dalcin? California real estate agent who called Asian girl 'dumb b***h' fired as video goes viral

'No one is going to pay attention to you because you’re dumb and you’re a stupid blue Asian haired girl,' the man is saying at the beginning of his rant

                            Who is Mike Dalcin? California real estate agent who called Asian girl 'dumb b***h' fired as video goes viral
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On Thursday, February 11, 2021, a user took to Twitter to post about her harrowing experience with a man identified to be a Californian real estate agent. The woman, whose Twitter handle reads "Em", wrote that she was verbally abused by the agent as he spewed racist and misogynist comments against her - she was only a pedestrian, and they didn't know each other. The New York Post revealed that the "Em" posted the following: "At 5pm I was walking in Brentwood at the intersection of Bundy & Montana. I stopped to look at my phone when this man came out of his home & verbally assaulted me. He approached me, maskless. I asked him to step away. He called me “stupid blue hair asian girl” & “dumb b*tc."" The man was later fired by his company over the incident and the tweet no longer exists on the social media channel. 

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Twitter identified the culprit 

The publication revealed that the footage that was posted sees "Em" filming what looked to be an "agitated" man walking two dogs. What happened before the footage was taken, isn't known as of yet, but he is seen asking the woman, "Are you up against the car? No one is going to pay attention to you because you’re dumb and you’re a stupid blue Asian haired girl.” He then went on with his vulgar rant adding "f*ck you" four times - and ended up filming her saying, "I can record you, you dumb b*tch. Get the f*ck out of here you dumb bitch." On an interesting note, New York Post also revealed that the intersection that "Em" claimed this incident happened is a "few hundred yards" from the site of the 1994 double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman - the murders that OJ Simpson was later infamously acquitted of. 

You can watch the video of the incident below.


As the footage went viral on Twitter, many users did their best to identify the man who was later found out to be a Beach City Brokers real agent named Mike Dalcin. The company Dalcin worked for didn't waste any time in giving him a pink slip as they took to Facebook to make his firing very clear. The Facebook post read, "We have become aware of a video circulating on social media that involves a new agent we recently hired….Effective immediately, Mike Dalcin has been removed as an agent from our office and is no longer an agent at our Company. Beach City Brokers insist and will always maintain a high standard of integrity and ethics and will not tolerate racism or any other unprofessional behavior." The publication revealed that "Em" posted on Twitter that she reported the incident to the LAPD, who didn't take any action.

Daily Dot added that when "Em" had phoned police to report Dalcin's behavior, she was told "it would've been easier if he'd swung at you" and "being threatened is subjective." The article further added that she added, "The officer told me that not wearing a mask is not threatening & deemed it relevant to mention that he 'grew up with Japanese people. We are living in a pandemic, in LA where cases are raging, in a country when 2100 hate incidents against Asians have occurred since the pandemic. I have lived in this city my entire life and have never felt threatened in the way I did today. This man singled me out bc I was an Asian girl walking by myself and took advantage. We need to hold bigots like these accountable."

Mike Dalcin has exhibited past criminal behavior

Heavy further reported that Dalcin used to also work as a bar manager, adding that the culprit posted the following on a website: "Greetings! I’m Mike, a Southern California born, raised, and educated entrepreneur. I just moved down to San Diego, and I am looking forward to what the next chapter of my life has in store for me!" The site reveals that he had worked as a bartender and manager from 1020-2016 in Katsuya. Along with that, he's also worked as a busser, server, bar-back, and bartender from 2005 to 2008 at The Cannery. Furthermore, from the years 2000 to 2008, he worked at Morton’s The Steakhouse.

(Youtube: Shoaib Creation's)

It was also reported by Heavy that Dalcin had been earlier charged with "serious crimes", some of which were dismissed. He had been charged with "receiving stolen property, a felony, and grand theft" in the year 2002 - he had pleaded nolo contendere to the grand theft charge. This was dismissed in the year 2006, with Heavy claiming that he had "all the terms of his sentence" as per records from Orange County court. In 2007, Dalcin was further charged, in the same county, with "felony criminal threats" for which a year later, a jury found him not guilty. That same year he was charged with assault with a "semiautomatic firearm, drawing or exhibiting firearms, false imprisonment effect by violence, menace, fraud or deceit and possession of a firearm by a felon." To the false imprisonment charges, Dalcin had pleaded nolo contendere - this was dismissed in 2016, and he had "completed the terms of his sentence."

In the year 2008, he was charged with "public intoxication and disturbing the peace" in the same county - the latter was again, dismissed in 2016. Ironically enough, the publication also reported that an "old bio" of Dalcin's revealed that he studied Criminology at the University of California and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and social behavior.

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