Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant land blows on each other over 'motherf****r' row

Canelo Alvarez later tweeted a video of the on-stage fight with the caption, 'Don't talk about my mom'

                            Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant land blows on each other over 'motherf****r' row
Caleb Plant and Canelo Alvarez exchanged blows at a press conference (Twitter/Canelo Alvarez)

Boxers Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant, who are set to face each other on November 6, 2021, for the super Middleweight championship, failed to adhere to sportsmanship during their press conference on September 21. While promoting their upcoming fight, the boxers had a fallout on the stage that soon turned ugly with both of them landing blows on each other. The unexpected scuffle involved bitter cussing and fisticuffs until others stepped in to separate the two fighters. 

Mexican boxer Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and American boxer Caleb Hunter Plant were expected to exchange stern expressions on stage while promoting the fight, as is the norm for any pre-fight media conference. While standing face-to-face during the photo op, the fighters had some untowardly verbal exchange, that soon escalated into a full-blown fight. Meanwhile, social media users did not delay in flooding Twitter with memes and jokes around the duo's tussle. 


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Initially, it was not exactly certain what stirred the pot, but Alvarez was soon spotted shoving Plant while screaming profanities at him. Alvarez later hinted that Plant have used some abusive words about his mother. "He can say whatever he wants to me, but not to my Mom," he said.

As Alvarez attacked Plant, he resisted and marched back at Alvarez while swinging unsuccessfully with his left hand. The latter responded with a fist punch near Plant's neck. The scuffle did not last long as the staff intervened immediately to keep them apart. 

Later, Plant was seen with a bandage on his face, which he alleged was due to a scratch from Alvarez's sunglasses. Meanwhile, Alvarez was seen tending to his left forearm which suffered injury during the blowout. 

During the press conference, Plant boasted about his 21-0 undefeated record, asserting that he will be the winner of the November 6 fight. However, Alvarez did not take the remark lightly as he laughed out, prompting Plant to ask, “That’s funny? You think that’s funny?’’ 

Alvarez responded, "A little bit," to which Plant lashed back saying, "Yeah? Well, keep laughing. You keep laughing mother******, because you know when you’re going to find out? Real soon.’’ 

Alvarez took offense at the cuss, while also getting enraged as Plant repeatedly referred to him as a 'drug cheat', indicating his PED-related suspension in the past. Later, Alvarez tweeted a video of the fight with the caption, "Don't talk about my mom." Even rapper 50 Cent shared the video with the tweet, "This is the real sh*t, I want to see this. LOL"

Comedian Andrew Schulz pointed out, "Son. Canelo threw his car keys while dodging the punch so he could counter with the right as well. Unreal."

Boxing and MMA reported Mike Coppinger shared stills from the scuffle, stating, "Watching it in real time, didn’t think Caleb Plant caught Canelo Alvarez, but …"

"Canelo did all of that in fitted slacks and dress shoes. #CaneloPlant," one user tweeted.






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