'Cable Girls' Season 5B Review: Carmen is a wild card now while Lidia and others attempt a brave rescue

Carmen's hatred for Lidia was fueled by her relationship with Carlos, but the question is will she help Lidia now that she learned about Carlos or continue to be the villain in the final season?

                            'Cable Girls' Season 5B Review: Carmen is a wild card now while Lidia and others attempt a brave rescue

Spoiler alert for Season 5B of 'Cable Girls'

'Cable Girls' aka 'Las Chicas del Cable' was Netflix's first Spanish original series, an opening that led the production firm to establish some of its most popular shows, including 'Money Heist' and 'Elite'. Featuring five women in pre-World War II Spain, 'Cable Girls' was a thrill for those who loved historical dramas. While the show began with its focus on Alba Romero who became Lidia (Blanca Suarez), it also told us the stories of Marga (Nadia de Santiago), Carlota (Ana Fernandez Garcia), Angeles Vidal (Maggie Civantos), and Sara, who transitioned to Oscar (Ana Polvorosa).

Set across the 1920s and 1930s, 'Cable Girls' also coincided with the liberation of women. In continuing with this, the final season of the show picks up after the Spanish Civil War ended. In the three episodes that were made available to us to review, quite a lot happens, and we are certain there's more to come in the full season. 

When we come back to 1930s Spain, Lidia has been in a prison camp for seven months, her life is made harder by the fact that the camp's person-in-charge is her former mother-in-law, Carmen (Concha Velasco). While Carmen may not have needed a reason to hate Lidia before, she sure does now as she believes her son Carlos (Martino Rivas) killed himself because of Lidia. We know that isn't true, something that Carmen learns by the end of the third episode of Season 5B.

The first episode shows Lidia being the brave woman that she is, something that she is well known for, fighting for others. While the typhus epidemic spreads in the camp, Lidia steals the medicines that Carmen has hidden (to sell on the black market) and gives them to those who are sick. To punish her, Carmen not only tortures her but also locks her up in isolation. 

A still from 'Cable Girls' (Netflix)

This makes the attempts by her friends, including her husband, Francisco (Yon Gonzalez), at rescuing her a tad more difficult. But they are just as determined as Lidia. With the help of a nurse in the camp, Lidia escapes in the dead of the night. Unfortunately, Lidia's escape comes just as Marga is arrested for keeping two defectors hidden -- her husband, Pablo, and his twin brother, Julio (both played by Nico Romero). Julio was killed by those who came to search, though Pablo remained hidden. They were ratted out by their friend Isidro (Miguel Diosdado) who was jealous of the strong relationship between Marga and Pablo.

Lidia's new mission is not just to rescue Marga (and later, Carlota and Oscar, whom Carmen had arrested), but also the other women in the camp. She's got Francisco and Sofia (Denisse Peña) right by her side to help her do so. A surprise ally comes in the form of Francisco's former wife and Carlos's sister, Elisa (Ángela Cremonte). While it seems first at first that Elise is her old scheming self, we soon learn that she is a hero as well, attempting to rescue those who were persecuted by the regime -- something Carmen blackmails her for.

If the first three episodes are anything to go by, the final season promises an exciting end to the series, along with a chance for a last hurrah for our heroes. We had wished that Francisco would have reacted more strongly on hearing the news of Carlos's death and we hope we get to see something more profound on his learning of Elisa's death. Carmen is a wild card now -- while her hatred of Lidia was fueled by her relationship with Carlos, Carmen is still a bad person. The question is, will she help Lidia now that she learned the truth about Carlos, or will she continue to be the villain?

All episodes of 'Cable Girls' are now streaming on Netflix.

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