Chinese pop star Wang Leehom's ex Lee Jinglei accuses him of being a sex addict amidst divorce

Chinese pop star Wang Leehom's ex Lee Jinglei accuses him of being a sex addict amidst divorce
Singer Wang Leehom is accused by his ex of infidelity and mental abuse (@wangleehom/Instagram)

Wang Leehom is an American-Taiwanese singer who has been dubbed as ‘King of Chinese Pop’. The acclaimed pop star is also an activist, academician and award-winning actor. He is one of the few celebrities that unites mainland China and other Chinese island territories in their awe of him. However, for the last few days, he has been under fire by his ex Lee Jinglei who has filed for a divorce. He has been accused of infidelity, prostitution, abuse and now sex addiction. 

Wang Leehom was 26 when he met 16-year-old Lee Jinglei. They married in 2013 and the first of their three children was born in 2014. On December 14, 2021, Jinglei announced on her social media that she would be divorcing the C-pop star. On December 17, she posted a lengthy exposé on Weibo. She said that she gave up on her career because Leehom wanted many children but she claimed that she had to look after them on her own. She had also been emotionally abused by Leehom’s family and “forced to sign an unfair prenup.”

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Jinglei’s lengthy exposé

Jinglei says that she was not a gold digger despite what the media may say and whatever the couple had acquired after getting married was from both of their efforts. She pointed out that she was a minor when Leehom approached her and was in a relationship with another woman. There was also evidence of him soliciting prostitutes according to Jinglei. She also said that several other women had approached her saying that Leehom was supposedly in a relationship with them. She even found a record that the C-pop star kept about his nights with other women. Despite that, she continued to stay with him.

Jinglei says the last straw was Leehom being an absent father. Their children would cry because of their father missing their birthdays and holidays. Jinglei added that she did not want any money even though it was her right, she only wrote the exposé so no other woman would fall for his lies.


Leehom’s response

Leehom released a statement on December 19 refuting all of Jinglei’s claims. He said it took time because he did not want to paint the mother of his children in a bad light. He released emails of them before they got married and shared that he had never been unfaithful when they were married. He said that they separated in 2019 and during the time they were together he lived in fear as she constantly blackmailed him and threatened to take his children away. He said that they had problems from the very first day of their marriage and saw therapists but had decided to end things.

He claimed that Jinglei had asked for $42.9 million and would destroy him if he didn’t give in. According to the divorce settlement shared by Leehom, they agreed on $32.2 million and that she would also get half of his Los Angeles property, half of a joint investment account, a monthly expense of $45k and basic services paid and provided by Leehom. He said that money was not an issue and apologized for not being the husband Jinglei wanted.


Jinglei claims Leehom has a sex addiction

Immediately after Leehom’s post, Jinglei talked about several incidents where he allegedly cheated on her. She also said that the money being given to her is rightfully hers as they are joint accounts clearly mentioned in Leehom’s screenshot of the settlement. She also shared screenshots of therapist reports where he allegedly humiliated her, gaslit her and mentally abused her. Jinglei also shared that according to the therapist, Leehom has “sex addiction and narcissistic personality disorder.” She added that he was blatantly lying about everything being false since she had proof.


Singapore pop star Yumi Bai the other woman?

At the same time, one of the supposed mistresses spoke up. Singapore’s pop star Yumi Bai was being targeted by fans for being a homewrecker as she allegedly continued her affair with Leehom that Jinglei mentioned in her exposé. Yumi shared that while she did date Leehom, their relationship didn’t last long and it was in 2012 before his marriage to Jinglei in 2013. The songstress has also decided to take legal action against those spreading rumors. However, Jinglei has shot back, “Please give me the contact information of the police and I’ll provide them with evidence, thanks,” hinting that Yumi might be lying.


Leehom’s ends it all

The latest post on December 20 comes from Leehom after Jinglei also slammed back at his father who tried to protect his son. Wanting to keep the fight away from the internet as he claimed he did not want his children to be hurt by it, Leehom has tried to end it once and for all. The Chinese singer apologized, “I should take all the responsibility as a man. I will no longer provide any explanations or defense. I didn't manage the marriage properly, caused trouble for my family, and didn't give the public the image that an idol should have. It was all my fault.”

He said that he would financially support Jinglei and his children by transferring the house to her name, would quit work for the time being and would try to salvage his relationship with his children and parents.

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