Tinder follows Bumble, refuses to find love for George Zimmerman, who was accused of killing Trayvon Martin

Tinder follows Bumble, refuses to find love for George Zimmerman, who was accused of killing Trayvon Martin
George Zimmerman (Source : Getty Images)

Disgraced neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman does not seem to be dissuaded by his misfortunes in the romance department. Trying yet again to find a match for himself, he created a fake dating profile on Tinder, but unfortunately for him, the app successfully banned his proxy profile. 

The screengrabs obtained by Creative Loafing Tampa Bay shows a fake profile of Zimmerman, who was acquitted for the murder of an unarmed 27-year-old Trayvon Martin back in 2013. He went by the name "Carter" in the fake profile, and describes himself as a self-employed consultant and a Liberty University graduate looking for "carefree fun." Claiming he is not into huge crowds, he says he loved the "outdoors, fishing, camping, and hiking," further adding that he is "down" for a quiet night with Longhorn take out. 

Zimmerman, who was accused of killing Martin, has also been spotted bragging about the murder at a bar, has been fined for stalking, accused of pointing a shotgun at his ex-girlfriend and threatening to feed a man to alligators.

He has also been arrested for suspected domestic assault after he threw a bottle of wine at another girlfriend's head. Overall, he is not the man you'd swipe right for, and clearly is a candidate that dating apps would repeatedly ban from trying to date through their platforms.  

Tinder spokesperson who confirmed that the profile has been removed, said in a statement, “At Tinder, we take our users’ safety very seriously and our team has removed this profile from our platform. We utilize a network of industry-leading automated and manual moderation and review tools, systems, and processes — and spend millions of dollars annually — to prevent, monitor and remove bad actors who have violated our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use from our app.”

This is the second time Zimmerman has been ousted by a dating platform, Bumble having done the same in February. In that variation of his dating profile, Zimmerman had written, “Let’s get coffee and cake pops I’m looking for a mature and fun woman that’s ready to be loved and respected the way she deserves and is able to reciprocate."


“George Zimmerman was blocked and banned in December 2018 when we first discovered his profile,” a Bumble spokesperson said in an email to the New York Post at the time, adding, “We have blocked and banned him again after we were informed by our users that he had created a new unverified profile."

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