BTS J-Hope's sister Jung Jiwoo to marry her non-celeb fiance whom she can 'count on', to get hitched in May

'I feel strengthened knowing that there is now another person on my side,' said Jung Jiwoo about her mystery fiance

                            BTS J-Hope's sister Jung Jiwoo to marry her non-celeb fiance whom she can 'count on', to get hitched in May
A screenshot of Jiwoo with her fiance and screengrab of BTS's J-hope on his birthday livestream (YouTube)

The news of J-Hope's sister Jung Jiwoo getting married was out earlier this year. Jung Jiwoo herself had shared a video on her YouTube channel on Feb 19 to show how she was preparing for her upcoming nuptials. However, fans were not expecting the event to take place so soon after the news broke. 

Jiwoo is being represented by Cube Entertainment and a source from the agency has revealed to the press that she was going to be tying the knot with her non-celebrity fiance who is older than her in May 2021. It was also reported that the couple have been preparing for the wedding since August 2020. At this time, it was said that she would be trying the knot sometime between September 2021 and October 2021. 


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In an interview after news of her marriage broke, according to Soompi, Jiwoo had mentioned her fiance and said, "We are similar in many ways, and we both love work and are independent, so I think I will have a similar daily life after marriage. He is someone I can always count on, and I feel strengthened knowing that there is now another person on my side.”


Jiwoo singed with Cube Entertainment very recently but her YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and she also runs an online shopping mall and she reportedly also owns an eyewear brand. Fans of BTS, and J-Hope have wished her well and congratulated her on social media sites. 

Who is Jung Jiwoo getting married to?

The video was shared by Jiwoo on her official channel to keep her followers updated. (YouTube/Mejiwoo)


As the reports suggest, Jiwoo's fiance is not a celebrity himself. The 30-year-old has chosen not to reveal his identity to her followers or to the media, as of now. In fact, even when she posted her wedding sketchbook video on YouTube, she had blurred out the face of her fiance in certain shots while others framed him in a way that would hide his identity. 

K-pop fans troll her for trying to pass off as a celebrity

Many have congratulated Jiwoo, but a few critics left messages on the Soompi comments section about why news of Jiwoo getting married is getting any attention at all as she is not a 'celebrity' herself. One of them wrote, "Why the hell is she trying to pass herself off as a celebrity, when she only has YouTube followers??" To this one fan came forward to support and said, "To the people saying she's tryna pass off as a celebrity, she is under Cube ent and they released the news." The fan added that as a besides being an influencer and business woman, "being J-Hope's sister is yet another reason. Famous by association..."

A still of Jiwoo from her wedding sketch video. (YouTube/Mejiwoo)

Another user explained how and why Jiwoo was popular and said, "To all the people who are calling her a non-celebrity, she is famous in South Korea for her fashion label, and has thousands, if not millions, of followers. They (most of them) like her for her clothes and fashion sense, not because she is Hoseok's sister. And Soompi has also posted an article that said she has joined Cube Entertainment. So, she is a part of the industry."

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