Bryson Tiller ‘A Different Christmas’ Fan Review: Holiday project is 'such a mood'

Despite Adele taking over the Internet with her new album release called '30', Bryson Tiller managed to create a buzz on social media

                            Bryson Tiller ‘A Different Christmas’ Fan Review: Holiday project is 'such a mood'
Bryson Tiller releases new record ‘A Different Christmas’ (Photo by [email protected])

Bryson Tiller usually takes a lot of time before he drops a new album but looks like for his latest one called ‘A Different Christmas’, the singer and rapper had a change of heart. Tiller’s last album ‘Anniversary’ was released in October 2020 and after a year, the music lovers got to stream his fourth full-length project. The Kentucky native has been teasing his new studio effort for the last few weeks and he recently got the fans excited after he had shared the tracklist of the same.
Despite Adele taking over the Internet with her new album called '30', Bryson Tiller still managed to create a buzz on social media. A lot of music lovers logged into Twitter to express their happiness over the 28-year-old singer’s new record. Bryson Tiller’s ‘A Different Christmas’ came as a surprise for his fans as he was rumored to release ‘Serenity’ first - the album which Tiller still needs to shed light on. Tiller had earlier dropped a hint that he might release an album in winter which he finally did.
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Bryson Tiller gets the fans excited with new album

Bryson Tiller got into the Christmas spirit with his new EP as he released his first-ever holiday project. The album is stacked with seven songs and features collaborations from Justin Bieber, Poo Bear, Halo, Kiana Lede, and Tayla Parx.
Taking to his Twitter account on November 10, Tiller shared the official poster of his new studio effort and stated, “Before we get into my next album, I wanted to share another special project I worked on for you guys. This one was really fun to make. Inspired by Bieber, Ariana, and by one of my loneliest holiday seasons ever.. “A Different Christmas” releases everywhere next Friday, Nov. 19th.”  You can listen to the full album here.





1. ‘Be Mine This Christmas’
2. ‘Cold December’ (Interlude)
3. ‘Presents’ featuring Kiana Lede
4. ‘I’ll Be Home’
5. ‘Lonely Christmas’ featuring Justin Bieber and Poo Bear
6. ‘Ain’t a Lonely Christmas Song’ featuring Tayla Parx
7. ‘Winter Wonderland’ featuring Halo

‘Bryson tiller had the best drop of the night’

Music lovers took to Twitter to speak about Bryson Tiller’s new project. “Bryson Tiller is such a MOOOD”, said one fan as another chimed in, “I already know it’s gonna be a good friday cuz i’ll be waking up to a new bryson tiller album.” Another stated, “I better hear that new Bryson Tiller Christmas project playing in every retail store.” One user added, “Bryson tiller christmas album, Adele dropped, DBE dropped. good day for music.” Another suggested, “Bryson Tiller and Ariana Grande should’ve done a collab for his album.” Meanwhile, one user posted, “Bryson tiller had the best drop of the night.”














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