'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Why Captain Raymond Holt deserves to be Commissioner in season 6

Captain Raymond Holt is one of those iconic characters on modern day television, that encompasses more than one type of diverse representation

                            'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Why Captain Raymond Holt deserves to be Commissioner in season 6

If there is one thing 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' fans want more of than the Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago aka 'Peraltiago' wedding, it is their beloved Captain aka Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) finally acquiring the Commissioner title. Why? Simply because not only is he the first openly gay black man to have made it to captaincy in what was predominantly a homophobic, racist police force, but he is also easily the funniest, warmest, most fatherly figure ever without exhibiting any of those traits in the slightest. 

Over the last five years, the character has been played by Braugher, who has made a name in the industry for vastly different, serious roles. And while Holt is anything but a comedic clown, most of his quirks come off as hilarious - in a manner Sheldon Cooper's (Jim Parsons) from 'The Big Bang Theory' does.

Captain Raymond Holt is one of those iconic characters on modern day television, that encompasses more than one type of diverse representation. In that, he is a lead character that's both black, and of the LGBTQ community, thus representing both ethnic and sexual diversity. At the same time, his character is not what you'd expect the stereotype to be. He is anything but a flamboyant, sassy, loud gay man.


Of course, we mean no hate to other gay icons in modern-day TV and film, such as the power-packed Tucker-Pritchett couple from 'Modern Family,' or even the women of 'Orange is the New Black'; but Raymond Holt is just different, and not your average gay icon from the screen. If there's one way to describe Captain Holt, it's strict.

The man could give Mrs. Trunchbull from 'Matilda' a run for her money, in the sense that he is overly critical, and stern on his detectives, and doesn't care for the need to express one's emotions openly. At the same time, he is a father figure. He is sweet and caring, and often surprisingly kind-hearted when it comes to the dilemmas of his employees.

It's not for nothing detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) - despite not being the sort to be in awe of Holt as a person - ends up accidentally calling him 'dad' in front of the entire precinct. Shedding further light on just why Holt is adored among his juniors and colleagues would be the fact that the man doesn't shy from exploring his 'fun' side which stems from his chronical competitive nature.

Always having been a precocious, driven person right from his childhood, Holt isn't hesitant about participating in office antics, competitions, and even elaborate Halloween heists and pranks, which might seem unlikely of his character.

It is this competitive trait that brings us to why Holt deserves so much to be the police commissioner like he has always aspired to be. Not only is he a great, good-natured individual who has sort of taken his entire precinct under his wing, like a tight-knit family, but is also exceptionally remarkable at his profession.

After joining the NYPD sometime in the late 1970s or early 1980s, despite knowing the full consequences of embracing his sexual identity, he came out as gay in 1987. As expected, the discrimination he suffered both in terms of racial profiling, homophobia and also slander was brutal and copious in amount and frequency.

But not only did this man not let any of that deter him, he even went on to joke about it with good humor in his later years as a person of great significance and regard in the force, after having married the love of his life, Dr. Kevin Cozner (Marc Evan Jackson). Not to forget, his vast, extensive police work includes decades worth of a total of 600 arrests, and some very eminent and wanted criminals at that.

His list of woes and achievements doesn't end at that. After spending eight dreary, unhappy years in the public affairs office, and fighting to establish himself as a credible commander in his own rights, Holt finally got a taste of his dream when he became the new Captain of the 99th precinct, aka the fictional New York precinct Brooklyn Nine-Nine's story revolves around. This makes us root for him further as he stands on the brink of finding out whether he has finally made it to Commissioner or not.

He's a man of the classics with a deep-rooted interest in all things pertaining to art and music. A lover of all the finer things in love and is heavily invested in his dog, Cheddar's, social media presence. What more could someone ask for? It's true, it takes a lot more than just an efficient police officer to hold that position of honor and esteem, but then again, Holt really hasn't given us any reason to doubt his abilities.

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