'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 Episode 7 teases Charles and Terry fighting to be Jake's plus one

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 Episode 7 teases Charles and Terry fighting to be Jake's plus one

For the seventh episode of its ongoing Season 7, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' has now teased an extremely delusional Charles Boyle trying to take down his coworker Terry Jeffords in a boxing match. While it's pretty self-explanatory, with a beyond predictable outcome, one does feel curious trying to speculate if Terry would actually let Charles win.

According to the official NBC provided synopsis for the episode titled 'Ding Dong', we will see former-Captain Raymond Holt deal with a personal loss, while Jake Peralta must decide whether to take Terry or Charles to an exclusive event. Jake's dilemma makes it clear why they suddenly need the significantly tiny and effeminate Charles to take on the burlesque, albeit sensitive giant of a human, Terry, but considering how Terry is more of a mama bear than anything else to his goofball detectives at the precinct, he might let Charles win after all.

(L-R) Charles Boyle trying to take down Terry Jeffords (NBC)

To go with the synopsis, NBC has also teased a little snippet from the boxing match. Jake decides it has to be a fair game to make the very difficult decision between his best friend Charles and his interim-boss Terry. The clip is all kinds of hilarious simply because of Charles's overconfidence in his chances against Terry. The clip sees the two men in active gear inside a boxing rink, with their colleagues Hitchcock and Scully acting as the audience. The two can't wait to see the 'little guy's head get smashed' and a very deluded Charles tries to mask his own anticipation saying he can't wait either. 

Jake can be seen asking Terry if he's sure he's okay with ending Charles's life, but there's no taking the life out of Charles's enthusiasm in proving himself worthy of accompanying Jake to whatever event the Brooklyn detective is about to attend in this episode. Charles's impassionate approach might cause soft-Terry to give the smaller guy a chance, but for all we know, this could be one of those signature episodes of Jake and Terry bonding, meaning Charles will just have to adjust to taking the backseat for the time being.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 airs on Thursdays, at 8:30 pm only on NBC. 

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