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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 Episode 8: Amy's pregnancy goes unaddressed and fans are feeling 'ROBBED'

In the previous episode, soon after Amy revealed to Jake that she tested positive for pregnancy, we saw Charles wake up from sleep and say, 'It's happening'
Melissa Fumero as Amy (NBC)
Melissa Fumero as Amy (NBC)

Spoilers for 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 Episode 8 'The Takeback'

On 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's latest Episode 8 of Season 7, we see Jake Peralta caught up in Miami with his old-time frenemy Doug Judy's bachelor party. This gives him plenty of chances to make a few arrests because hello, it's only the biggest, most skilled Pontiac Bandit we are talking about here.

But back home, his wife Amy Santiago has to deal with a bigger bunch of idiots as she gets busy installing a new vending machine at the precinct. In all of this, however, as the Nine-Nine goes about their day, Amy's recently revealed pregnancy right at the end of the previous episode doesn't come up even once. Considering we were all worried whether it was real or just another dream of Charles', this lack of mention has led to fans feeling 'robbed' of a proper reaction to a Peraltiago baby.

Tonight's episode saw Amy working with Charles Boyle to cater to his extravagant palette when it comes to the vending machine. Charles's food connoisseur ways are matched with Hitchcock and Scully's gluttony as the two detectives force themselves onto the task, trying to give opinions on the necessity of having a vending machine with its own pizza oven. On one hand, there is Charles' demands for fish balls, and on the other, Hitchcock and Scully's pizza oven short circuits the machine, thus calling for a new one. As Amy tackles these three men, what really goes unnoticed is the fact that Charles possibly knows about the pregnancy. 

Right at the end of the previous episode, soon after Amy revealed to Jake that she tested positive for pregnancy, we saw Charles wake up from his sleep and gasp, "It's happening." This had led to a lot of confusion in the fandom as fans weren't sure whether Charles dreamt the whole thing or was it just one of his expertly timed premonitions on accounts of being Jake's BFF.

So naturally, fans headed into this episode hoping for some explanation and more importantly, confirmation that Amy and Jake were, in fact, having a baby. Yet, they got none. It's almost as if Charles never saw whatever he saw. Not a single soul in the precinct addresses it and for the Nine-Nine to be this mum about something is highly unlikely.


Confused fans took to Twitter to voice out how they felt about the whole situation, and one of them tweeted: "What i really wanted was just some confirmation that amys actually pregnant and its not something we all dreamed last week. (sic)"

Another accused the network of keeping this air of secrecy, sharing: "We were ROBBED this episode i can’t believe we got 0 reactions to amy being pregnant." Pointing out why all of this is extra fishy, a third fan shared: "So amy was pregnant the whole episode and charles didn’t say anything... that’s suspicious." Some even put in a tone of sarcasm and tweeted: "We love how the episode after we found out that Amy is pregnant that she wasn’t together with Jake in a single scene. Weird."

A lot of fans believe that Amy is yet to tell the squad about the pregnancy, but again, that doesn't quite seem like the Nine-Nine dynamics we know of. And what about Doug Judy? He gave Jake ample chances to spill the beans on the bun in the oven but not a peep. Nothing. Nada. Fans had eagerly been waiting for Doug Judy's reaction to the pregnancy too, but since none of that happened, here's looking forward to seeing a very, very pregnant Amy at the Doug and Kate forever wedding as Jake is going to be the best man in it.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 airs on Thursdays at 8.30 pm only on NBC.