'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 Episode 3: Adrian Pimento's return is a shoutout to 'Memento' and 'Finding Dory'

Overseeing Pimento for a day is bound to give Jake some amount of experience in babysitting for whenever baby Peraltiago decides to come

                            'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 Episode 3: Adrian Pimento's return is a shoutout to 'Memento' and 'Finding Dory'

Contains spoilers for Season 7 Episode 3

Pop culture references, the pressure of making a baby and a golden character's return are what made up the latest and third episode of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7.

Jason Mantzoukas returns to gift us with more insane and bizarre gestures from the one and only Adrian Pimento, but instead of hiding in Nikolaj's closet and scaring the wits out of the Boyles at night, it is his time to be terrified and traumatized.

Turns out Pimento has anterograde amnesia, or the 'Finding Dory' disease, as his psychiatrist diagnoses him with and thus arrives the title — an amalgam of Pimento and 'Memento', borrowed from the concept of Christopher Nolan's classic film where the lead character suffers a short term memory loss.

Between Pimento's diagnosis and his ex-colleagues Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle trying to keep him on a leash once again, the other workplace conflict that arises is an extension of Jake and his wife, Amy's baby-making troubles.

When not making Harry Potter references during the process, Amy has a problem with the way Jake is handling the discretion aspect of their big development. Their closest colleagues — neither Charles nor Rosa Diaz would be very good at being subtle about knowing it all.

And when not festering over the whole baby-making process, Amy's attention is distracted by a workplace conduct seminar presided over by the most 'fun' person their department can come up with. 

Jake, on the other hand, has to handle Pimento's psychosis where the insane longtime undercover cop acts as erratic as one can be in this situation.

Offering a plethora of pop culture references, the golden trio switch from calling it the 'Memento disease' and the 'Finding Dory disease', but even though Pimento is drawn towards the latter moniker more, his random scribbles of a to-do list all over his torso screams otherwise.

Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta and Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle (NBC)

Things are only made worse by Jake in an attempt to reassure Pimento about his trust in him, once again. Jake voluntarily tells him about his and Amy's news, something that Charles takes offense upon finding out that he wasn't the first one to be informed by Jake.

But we all know how most Jake and Charles' crises turn out, and once again, as the buddy cop journey highlights the wholesome bond between two male police officers, we are reminded just why the Nine-Nine are best at tackling situations. Even though this time it is about Jake setting boundaries about Charles' overbearing enthusiasm. 

Back in the conducting seminar, we finally find out Kelly was Scully's wife, and also the name of his dog all along.

There were two dogs, as we find out amidst the Scully and Hitchcock conflict, but there's commotion throughout the entire seminar with even ex-Captain Holt asserting that Amy can be a bit too much with his private space at times.

Amy happens to lash out at everything, which is understandable knowing that she is under the pressure of keeping the whole baby-making process a secret, but that doesn't come close to the trouble Jake has to undertake because of Pimento's memories.

In their attempt to 'Just Keep Swimming', Pimento's memory resets when he has decided to stand on the ledge of a crazy tall building.

In all of this series of unfortunate events, it is quite easy to reflect on the amount of babysitting Jake is gaining experience in. Overseeing Pimento for a day has to be like having a toddler on a sugar rush, running around like a fierce little chihuahua way past their bedtime, at all times of the day.

So there is only one positive outcome that can come out of this. Jake will be prepared and seasoned as a babysitter for whenever the baby Peraltiago decides to come — something that even the many ongoing plots of the NBC sitcom can't distract us from. 

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 airs on Thursdays at 8.30 pm ET only on NBC.

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