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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 Episode 10: 'Sex reveal' party fail wins over fans for respecting gender identity

Fans are thrilled with the 'nuanced understanding' and 'respect for gender identity' through tiny details and are now thanking the show for being such a beacon of 'inclusivity'

Spoilers for 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 Episode 10: 'Admiral Peralta'

The most recent episode of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' addresses the bun in the oven finally. Detectives Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and wife Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) finally break the big pregnancy news to the rest of the precinct and while their reaction was far from what the couple was looking forward to, the entire B99 fandom is cheering for them in sheer appreciation for holding a 'biological sex reveal' party and not the regular gender reveal party. Fans have now commented on the 'nuanced understanding' and 'respect for gender identity' through this little detail and are now thanking the show for being such a beacon of 'inclusivity'.

The show sees Jake announce the party is going to be a sex reveal party and not a gender-reveal as they are labeled usually and this struck all the right chords with fans as one of them commended them saying: "Are they going to be correct about it and say that you can't tell the baby's gender while they're in utero because sex does not equal gender? Sex = male/female not boy/girl. I'm very glad they are calling it a sex reveal party as opposed to a gender reveal party, so please be careful not to mix them up! Thank you for being inclusive!"

Other fans noted how "Immigration issues and recognizing the difference between sex and gender in the same episode proves no one does it like Brooklyn N99." And this blew up, because as a fan pointed out: "Saying SEX reveal party instead of gender and then explaining that it is for the biological sex!! that is such a small but huge thing and it is AWESOME. thank you!" 


Jake and Amy have always been quite the pillars of wokeness, for all the right reasons at that and sure enough, a fan didn't shy away from claiming: "We stan a couple going for a 'sex reveal' as opposed to a 'gender reveal'. Especially since, as they remark, "When jake said BIOLOGICAL SEX reveal party instead of gender reveal party. he said trans rights."

Even torn fans who don't approve of the concept of gender-reveals in general, also shared: "I hate that Jake and Amy are having a reveal but love that Jake called it a “sex reveal” and specified “biological” sex. Now I’m terribly confused because I hate reveals and love nuanced understanding of and respect for gender identity."

Later in the episode, Jake's cake for the party goes horribly wrong after his father Roger Peralta (Bradley Whitford) drops it on the floor and later mixes up the food color denoting the baby's sex inside the cake. It was supposed to be blue, as is usually the case for a boy, but somehow it ended up being green. But of course, it didn't matter to Amy because as she pointed out, who cares, she is going to love their 'Shrek baby' anyway. And that won fans over even more because there are few things as massive in pop culture as the Shrek franchise. All in all, a total win!

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 airs on Thursdays at 8:30 pm only on NBC.