'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' season 6: Jake pulls a John McClane, honeymoon package, Gina's farewell and more

We get to find out if Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) was made commissioner. There will be more of Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and, of course, the entire honeymoon special!

                            'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' season 6: Jake pulls a John McClane, honeymoon package, Gina's farewell and more

Listen, it's official. No show cares as much about its fans as much as NBC's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine.' Why? Well, for starters it's giving us glimpses into the plotlines we have desired to see expand and unfold more elaborately, but we aren't the only ones whose wishes are coming true in the sixth and presumably final installment of the previously Fox-owned show.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' (B-99) just gave detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), aka the most precious human being to have ever graced the planet, his dream of pulling a John McClane from 'Die Hard' and we couldn't be more ecstatic about our man.

The full-length trailer of the upcoming season dropped Sunday and set everything ablaze, but in all the wholesome ways possible. We see Jake and his colleagues from the Nine-Nine stuck on the rooftop of a building in a very Bruce Willis style from the film he idolizes. Realizing the building is about to explode, Jake finds a way to let his coworkers - Amy (Melissa Fumero), Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and Terry (Terry Crews) - escape while he does an all heroic plunge from the rooftop right before catching a lift from an evacuating helicopter.

The scene is played out in every B-99 way possible, and while the slow motion was a nice touch, in an ideal world 'I Want It That Way' by the Backstreet Boys would be playing in the background as Jake reenacts his favorite scene from his favorite cop movie of all time. But that's okay, we are thrilled Jake got to live one of his biggest dreams, and we are even more thrilled because fans are going to live all their Nine-Nine dreams too as this season progresses.

We get to find out if Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) was made the commissioner, and we get to explore Amy's sergeant side. There will be more of Rosa - and we cannot wait to find out whether those couple of seconds of making eyes Rosa shared with the Uber driver (Gina Rodriguez) from Jake and Amy's wedding, materialized into something more or not. And, that brings us to the most important plotline about to flourish from season six - Jake and Amy as a married couple!


NBC has already offered fans a sneak peek of the newlyweds enjoying their honeymoon at what seems like a calm and peaceful resort, with the two indulging in some much needed jacuzzi time with, get this, Captain Holt! Of course, that's not a surprise considering Amy would let Holt - aka her mentor - accompany her to pretty much everywhere, so we aren't complaining all that much. In fact, we want more of the throuple-jacuzzi time and the sneak peek just teased us in all the right ways.

Sadly, however, this season will also slam fans with the heartbreak of watching our favorite civilian from the gang - Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) - leave us for the time being. There's no one way to go about the farewell of the self-proclaimed 'human form of the 100 emoji' because she's pretty much the master of all trades.

There's nothing Gina Linetti can't do, and she will be painfully missed if not anything else. What comes as a solace in these trying times leading up to the sixth season is both producer Dan Goor and Peretti herself assuring fans it won't be a permanent goodbye. There will be a dramatic play of events leading up to the big Gina-farewell and chances are she will keep popping back some time or the other on the show.


That leaves us with anticipations about what's hot on Jake's official best man (and friend too), Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio). Maybe we'll finally learn how to pronounce Nikolaj correctly! And maybe his innocent companionship and ardent devotion to Jake will once again manage to help us cope with whatever gross comic relief Hitchcock (Dirt Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) get up to.

But what we do know for sure is that NBC has packed for us every bit the season fans deserve after Fox brutally decided to axe the show out of nowhere earlier this year, and we couldn't be more excited! Here's to Nine-Nine!

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