Brooklyn 99 Season 5 finale: Jake and Amy are officially married, here's what to expect from the next season

The show which had run successfully for five years was recently cancelled by Fox, but luckily, fan petitions made NBC pick it up for the upcoming season.

                            Brooklyn 99 Season 5 finale: Jake and Amy are officially married, here's what to expect from the next season
Dirk Blocker, Joe Lo Truglio, Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews and Joel McKinnon Miller (Source:Getty Images)

There were two weddings this weekend: one was the Royal wedding, of course, and the other was the 'toitest' of all weddings - the wedding of Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago. Just the right kind of turn in the plot to help all the Brooklyn 99 fans forget the dark hours when the show was canceled by Fox not so long ago.

Brooklyn 99 ended its fifth season with a lot of cute moments - but the Peraltiago wedding surely was the icing on the cake. But true to every sitcom's cardinal rule, there were plenty of roadblocks on the way towards Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) finally tying the knot. 

Things were seemingly going smooth for the fan-favorite couple, until Jake got a mysterious call that said there was a bomb at the original wedding venue. This required for an annoyingly long wait as the bomb squad had to come in and investigate. And guess who leads the bomb squad now? That's right, it's Amy's somewhat insufferable ex, Teddy.

The man might have earned the promotion, but not much of his character traits have changed. He's still super obsessed with Amy and as obvious, tried to ruin the wedding. Luckily, his attempts worked only halfway. 

True to their style, Jake and Amy ended up marrying each other in an impromptu wedding right outside their precinct. Of course, Charles put it together, with Holt officiating the wedding and a robot being the replacement for Cheddar the corgi, who was supposed to be the ring bearer initially.

What was even more striking was the dress Amy had to wear. It was what Gina was supposed to wear to the original ceremony and as expected, in her quintessential Gina Linetti style, it was very much a wedding dress. The final outcome? A wedding even more perfect and sentimental than the originally planned one could have been.

As for the supposed 'bomb' in the wedding, Amy cooed to Jake, "I do have some bad news. There is a bomb at this wedding as well. Your butt. Your butt is the bomb. There will be no survivors." Of course, Jake cried at how perfect that remark was!

But that's not all. Everyone's beloved Rosa fell in love with an Uber driver played by Gina Rodriguez. Unanimously, that is one of the biggest plots most fans will love to see unfold in the upcoming season. It doesn't even seem that scary that the show was almost over a few days ago.

There's also another cliffhanger the show ended on, with Holt reading his email about the police commissioner's job. It wasn't revealed if he got the job or not, but the show definitely said goodbye to Fox with several things to eagerly wait for in its return on NBC.