HORRIFYING footage shows masked man raping and robbing Bronx woman in elevator

HORRIFYING footage shows masked man raping and robbing Bronx woman in elevator
A masked man raped and robbed a 40-year-old woman in her apartment building's elevator as the crime rate in NYC rises by 41 per cent (NYPD)

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains information about sexual assault that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Horrifying surveillance footage captured the moment when a man robbed a woman in the elevator of her Bronx apartment at knifepoint and then raped her before taking off. On Monday night, May 8, the unidentified masked man followed the 40-year-old woman to her apartment building in Bronx, New York, at 10 pm.

He followed her into the elevator, as reported by officials and authorities. Once he was inside the elevator, he started pushing buttons and once the elevator door shut, he cornered the woman as he wielded a knife in her direction.


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The elevator stopped on the second floor and the man directly looked at the camera before he proceeded to rob the woman. The woman handed him her wallet, as seen in the footage. The police suspect the man stole $112 from the victim. As the elevator stopped on the second floor, the man checked to see if anyone was around. Once he realized that the coast was clear, he shut the exterior door and pulled out a condom from his jacket.

He then proceeded to rape the woman before he fled, said the police. The victim was then taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and the police are yet on the lookout for the suspect. This incident is yet another shocking crime in New York City where the rates for crimes like rape, robbery, and assault have soared in recent times.

On the same Monday evening, another rape case was reported when the Big Apple's party-loving Mayor Eric Adams was enjoying a star-studded fundraiser with the presence of celebrities like Jeff Bezos. Comedian John Mulaney, the night's entertainment at the Robin Hood Foundation's annual benefit gala at the Javits Center in midtown Manhattan, ripped into Adams, 61. He quipped, "I love Mayor Adams. He's done so much good for the city that he's thinking of moving here."

Meanwhile, crime continues to rise across New York City despite Adams' promises to crack down on the already surging numbers under his predecessor Bill de Blasio. 

Since May 1, 2022, crime rates have gone up by 41 per cent in New York City as compared to last year. While murders have come down by 14 per cent, robberies and assaults have touched new highs, up by 44 per cent and 19 per cent, respectively. The NYPD reported 31 murders in April, a 38 per cent drop from the 50 last year, and rapes fell by 6 per cent, with 109 cases reported in April.

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