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'Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery': Viewers miss the talented actress's spark, say 'we lost her way too soon'

The actress is still remembered for her versatile acting in a wide range of brilliant and fun movies
Brittany Murphy (Getty Images)
Brittany Murphy (Getty Images)

On December 20, 2009, one of Hollywood's top leading ladies, Brittany Murphy died. She was just 32 years old. Her death was surrounded by mystery and suspicion that only grew when her husband Simon Monjack died in similar circumstances just five months later.

The actress remains best known for her work in 'Clueless' (1995) and '8 Mile' (2002) with Eminem, 'Girl, Interrupted' (1999). She also led the romantic comedies 'Little Black Book' (2004) and 'Just Married' (2003), in which she starred alongside her real-life boyfriend at the time, Ashton Kutcher. Murphy was known for her diverse roles — something that had been constant during her career. At the premiere of the noir thriller, 'Across the Hall', Murphy said, "For me, I've had the good fortune of being able to play characters that are stuck in the middle of comedic situations, comedic stories, just ridiculous — or tragic. It all has to do with a story and the director, and that's really where the decisions are made on my behalf."

Investigation Discovery recently aired its special, 'Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery' and viewers couldn't stop talking about how much the actress is missed. One fan wrote, "#BrittanyMurphy is trending. This year will be 11 years since her death. She was always my first choice for Harley Quinn. I hope she and Heath are holding it down up there in heaven."

Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy in 'Just Married' (20th Century FOX)

Another tweeted, "If anyone wants to remember #BrittanyMurphy let it be known that she was truly talented and an underrated actress. 8 Mile, Don’t Say a Word, Clueless, Riding in Cars with Boys and Uptown Girls are a few of my favorite films." A fan wrote, "I miss my angel every single day, she always brought so much light into this world. She never deserved the pain she went through. #brittanymurphy," while another tweeted, "I still watch #KingOfTheHill and love #BrittanyMurphy character Luanne."

One fan wrote, "Watching #BrittanyMurphy and I forgot how much sparkle she had & how special she was," while another opined, "One parting thought: I'm glad they did a show about #BrittanyMurphy at all, I was so crushed when she died. And for years now when I introduce myself and want people to spell my name right I say 'Brittany like Murphy, not Spears.'" A fan tweeted, "Still doesn't add up to me. RIP #BrittanyMurphy she really was just getting started and her spark and joy for acting was amazing! She was so talented and beautiful!" Another opined, "Aww #BrittanyMurphy I miss her acting! Has it been this long? Ugh! All the roles we would have had the privilege to see. Hope she’s living her dream on the other side." One fan wrote, "#BrittanyMurphy was great. We lost her way too soon. Played the perfect wife for Ashton Kutcher."