Is Britney Spears sending a hidden message with her henna Instagram look? Fans struggle to 'decipher code'

Is Britney Spears sending a hidden message with her henna Instagram look? Fans struggle to 'decipher code'
Britney Spears (Getty Images)

Is Britney Spears sending a coded message to fans? Fans are not giving up even though it meant they had to spend half their time deciphering it. She shared a photo of herself painted in henna and fans were full of praise for her. However, some insisted to know whether there was a 'hidden' message in the henna markings. To be fair, the henna patterns on Britney's body did look like they were in code. 

In the first photo, the singer posed for the camera in a snake print bikini. She wore a black choker necklace and styled her hair in loose waves. Moreover, Britney didn't have any makeup on, with the exception of eyeliner. In the second photo, she's wearing a white top and has hands on her hips.

Britney captioned the photo, "So I got carried away with henna !!!!  I think I’m going for a bohemian look in the second picture …. not sure what my hands on my hips are about !!! I guess I’m demanding attention." She added several emoticons to it as well.

" @stephgencur we gotta figure out the hidden messages Britney is sending," one fan tweeted. Others set about trying to decode it. "Let's decode this," one user wrote. "What does this even mean?" Another asked."There's a lot to dissect here," mused another fan.

But then there were fans who loved her look. "zacharygordon95 Brit, the 2nd pic with your bangs and the look on your face looks just like the beginning of the “...Baby” video  Eternally gorgeous," one responded to her photo. 

Others were just plain concerned. "M'aam, are you okay?" One wrote. 

Just last week, Britney wrote that she decided to 'embrace' her natural beauty. "Who would have thunk it," the "Toxic" singer had written. "After all this time in my life I'm just now learning that no makeup is the way to go. I mean, a little makeup is fun but after spending so much time in hair and makeup chairs to look flawless.... I think a natural look is the way to go. It makes you look waaaay younger and so much better," she had added. 

The talk about 'decoding the messages' has been brought on by recent reports which alleged that someone else is controlling Britney as part of her conservatorship. In fact, worried fans even asked her to wear certain colors on social media to signal that something was wrong. Close on the heels of such reports, Britney's fans are being watchful about every 'signal' she sends. 

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