Britney Spears flaunts moves in neon green bathing suit specially for 'haters'

Britney Spears flaunts moves in neon green bathing suit  specially for 'haters'
Britney spears flaunting her moves in her new dancing clip (Credits ; Instagram)

Britney Spears, the singing Mozart, made fans gape at her sizzling moves on Valentine's day after she posted a stunning video of hers on Instagram. She turned up temperatures on Valentine's Day as she bust a move in her neon bathing suit. This 40-year-old performer posted a brief dancing clip on Monday as she swayed from side to side in her plunging swimsuit. She dedicated the smile to all her haters and moved her legs along the sultry tracks in her black high heels. She also defiantly rocked a head full of lilac-streaked hair for the 'haters'.

Spears captioned the viral video as, "8 seconds of me smiling with my purple hair today for the haters... my smile to yours!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!' while sporadically touching her body as she swayed her hips to the beat of the music. The crazy singer has been living her life to the fullest and started feeling the love as she spends her first Valentine's Day since being freed from her conservatorship last year.


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Sam Asghari with Britney Spears (Credits: Sam Asghari/Instagram)

Sam Asghari, (Britney's fiance) once again referred to her as his 'wife' in an Instagram post he shared Monday. The actor and model, 27, wrote: 'Happy wife. happy life. Happy Valentine's Day my lioness.' The Iranian star wrote: 'Women are the most powerful humans on this Earth. Fellas listen up: what they don't teach you in school is that your ability to listen and agree to your woman even if you don't agree is the key to a happy life. What do they say? Oh...Happy wife. happy life. Happy Valentine's Day my lioness.' he said. Asghari tagged Britney and also hashtagged #mirrordesign for the unusual yet interesting pattern in the photo.

Britney spears in her instagram video clip ( Credits : Instagram)



Britney looked stunning in a navy mini dress with a beige jacket, black heels and sunglasses. She lured her haters as well fans to watch her curves and body syncing with the music for 8 seconds. Sam Asghari and Spears became engaged in September 2021 after nearly five years of dating. The couple got together after he played her love interest in her Slumber Party music video in October 2016. Britney Spears has just started enjoying her freedom as she was placed under a conservatorship by a judge back in 2008, allowing her father Jamie Spears to take control of all major financial decisions in her life, and complete control of her assets. Since then, the #FreeBritney movement has been championing for Spears to have more autonomy in her life, and Spears was undergoing a legal battle against the same.

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