'Bridge and Tunnel' Episode 6 Spoilers: Will Jimmy turn down dad's photography offer to be with Jill in finale?

Jimmy runs into his father who tells him to pursue fashion photography professional but Jimmy has his doubts

                            'Bridge and Tunnel' Episode 6 Spoilers: Will Jimmy turn down dad's photography offer to be with Jill in finale?
The cast of the EPIX series 'Bridge and Tunnel' (EPIX)

Spoilers for 'Bridge and Tunnel' Season 1 Episode 6

‘Bridge and Tunnel’ is one of the most intriguing shows out there and viewers are captivated by the lives of Jimmy and Jill who are trying to get back together after a breakup. The first five episodes of the show have received positive reviews from the fans and they can’t wait for the finale episode to arrive at Epix.

The show follows the journey of Jimmy, played by Sam Vartholomeos, Jill (Caitlin Stasey), Tammy (Gigi Zumbado), Mikey (Jan Luis Castellanos), Pags (Brian Muller), and Stacey (Isabella Farrell), reunited for one last summer of fun after their college graduations. Jimmy is a National Geographic photographer while Jill is a fashion designer.


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Jimmy and Jill have been together on-and-off, but they still have feelings for each other. Jill proposes a way she and Jimmy can get back together. However, Jimmy’s friends and parents worry restarting this relationship may derail his future.

However, things have changed and they are happy together. In the fifth episode of the series, Jill proposes a romantic week away before he leaves for Alaska. On the other hand, Pags receives a letter from Brooklyn Law saying that he did not get in. He cancels his date with Juliana because he believes Juliana won’t like him if he isn’t going to law school.

Final episode spoilers

The recent episode gives an idea that Jimmy is ready to move to Alaska and the exclusive promo clip from the finale episode, entitled ‘The Swan Song’, sees Jimmy getting exciting news as he looks forward to spending the rest of the week with Jill.

Sam Vartholomeos as Jimmy and Caitlin Stasey as Jill in 'Bridge and Tunnel' (EPIX)


The promo sees Jimmy showing some of his latest stuff to Jill as they head outside to spend some quality time. While heading out, Jill meets Jimmy’s parents and start talking to each other. Jimmy’s mother Kitty, teases her son when he says, “I was just showing Jill some of the stuff I have been working on.”

On the other hand, Artie, Jimmy’s father, reveals that he took some of Jimmy’s new photos and showed them to one of the guys he is familiar with. Artie surprises his son by telling him that he wants to buy the prints. Jill also shares her opinions on the latest photos and finds them “really cool.” She believes that the photos are so good that they could easily be printed inside a fashion magazine.

His father and Jill try to tell him how he can make a fortune by doing fashion photography in New York, but Jimmy shows little interest in that and says he “hasn’t thought about that.” Jimmy tells his parents that he and Jill are heading out for the dinner, saying he wants to spend as much time as he can before leaving the place. Artie tries to emotionally blackmail him, trying to stop him from going outdoors. Meanwhile, his mother tells them to go before they get to see a “grown man crying” his heart out.

Finale episode predictions

It seems Jill will have a hard time with Jimmy leaving for Alaska. We might see Jill going to Alaska with Jimmy because of the comments she made to her mother about whether it wouldn’t be so bad to go to Alaska with him. Fans believe that she might leave with Jimmy so that they finally can lead a better life. 

The cast of 'Bridge and Tunnel' (EPIX)


On the other hand, some believe he would stay in New York for Jill and continue to do work so that he doesn't have to leave Jill. Meanwhile, Pags will be looking to deal with the heartbreak that he has endured. The clip promises that the finale episode will be filled with such precious moments and it will also see other characters carrying forward with their storylines. 

You can watch the clip below: 



The final episode of ‘Bridge and Tunnel’ will premiere exclusively on EPIX on Sunday, February 28, at 9 pm ET/PT

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