'Bridezillas': Evelyn-Joseph have 2 weddings, 'long dowry list' of 50 chickens, cow and bull leaves fans amused

'Bridezillas': Evelyn-Joseph have 2 weddings, 'long dowry list' of 50 chickens, cow and bull leaves fans amused
Evelyn (We Tv)

The latest episode of ‘Bridezillas’ was a rollercoaster ride. On one hand, we have bride Jessica with her groom Sean and on the other hand, we have Nigerian queen Evelyn and her husband-to-be Joseph. While Jessica and Sean’s marriage was hanging by a thread, Evelyn and Joseph had two weddings and fans couldn't keep calm.

“I’m gonna have to steal Evelyn’s entrance with the smoke/fog that was wonderful then Joe broke down at the altar. I’m here for it,” wrote a fan, to which the Nigerian queen responded saying, “Have at it, hun!!!” Another fan to get a response from the queen wrote, “Evelyn wedding is amazing and beautiful!!” To which Evelyn replied, “Awww thank you!!!”



Evelyn’s wedding planner JL continues to be rude to her. Every time JL and Evelyn had a conversation, there would be a diva meter on the screen, determining who the bigger diva was. “JL is so unprofessional business owner. I won’t feel bad if he loses business,” tweeted a person. “JL wanted to be the bride, so bad,” wrote another person.



We see Joe negotiating the dowry with Evelyn’s family, which included a bull. He was short of 25 chickens and tried to make it up with money when Evelyn’s father says, “Money doesn’t buy marriage.” He eventually agrees to give his daughter’s hand to Joseph and the exchange of dowry was successful even though everyone ate meat that was defrosted in a trash can. Commenting on the cow meat that was defrosted in the trash can, a fan wrote, “Imagine being a guest and later realizing you had eaten 'trash cow'.” Another person observed the long dowry list and said, “That dowry list is lonnnngggg…”



One fan wrote about Evelyn throwing a fit at the camera man: “I get so sick of these girl who holler get this camera out my face..but u called them to be on this show..” While another thought having two weddings back to back was a bit much, “Don't know if I would show up to see the same two ppl get married two days in a row.”



The second wedding was better arranged. Evelyn and Joseph washed each other’s feet but her “queen-of-honor” Joy said it was “weird”, for lack of a better word. The couple was happily married after two weddings and JL was probably the happiest that it was over. A fan observed their weird tradition of washing each other’s feet and wrote, “Who wants to watch y’all wash each other’s feet?!"


'Bridezillas' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET on WE tv.

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