'Bridezillas': Evelyn's wedding planner slammed, fans say it's hard for JL 'to listen, accept and do'

'Bridezillas': Evelyn's wedding planner slammed, fans say it's hard for JL 'to listen, accept and do'
Evelyn (We TV)

The latest episode of ‘Bridezillas’ was intense. First, we have Nigerian queen, Evelyn and her husband-to-be Joseph and on the other hand, we have our lesbian couple from last week, Symoan and Hillary. Unfortunately, Symoan found her partner Hilary getting too comfortable in a strip club and with a certain stripper. Symoan was furious and their relationship was already under strain. In this episode, she goes shopping for her dress, which just further added to her stress. However, for viewers of the show, it was hilarious.

Fans commented on the pink wedding dress that Geeky Junky made for Symoan with hilarious tweets. "Her name is Geek Junky and u expected anything better than *Junk?!* then ur the damn fool. Those 'dresses' are atrocious and like pepto bismol threw up on her. Ugh!!!!,” tweeted a user. “Terrible,” wrote another.



Nigerian Bride Evelyn’s fight with wedding planner JL definitely got viewers cheering for our girl. Evelyn meets JL, the wedding planner, who is just as big a diva as Evelyn. Very soon the divas had a difference of opinion and Evelyn tells him, "humble yourself." She further says, "Evelyn is a brand and it's a success." Evelyn further compares herself to Whitney Houston and TJ to Mariah Carey. The tweets came in singing as one wrote, “'And I put the pen down on the checkbook' yeah that needed to be said. Homeboy is out of control. That is almost up there with 'who gone check me boo.'" To which Evelyn herself responded saying, "Girl the MOST!!!! I had to remind him."


Another fan tweeted, "It's hard for JL. To listen, accept, and do," to which Evelyn responded saying, "Say that again." Another fan commented on Evelyn’s bridesmaid’s 'ugly' dresses saying, “These bridesmaids dresses are dreadful and the girls look like they hate them,” which was true. Evelyn, otherwise active on Twitter, did not respond to the negative comments. Another fan wrote, "I love that Evelyn calls them 'bridequeens'."





Although Evelyn did accept she was too hard on her fiancee when one fan wrote, “Evelyn gotta calm down. He's doing his best. He spent all day going to stores. At least he lowkey stood up for himself, usually, the men are punks and let their fiances talk to them any kind of old way on this show.” She responded to the fan saying, “True. He’s a true balance when I’m high strung.”


'Bridezillas' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET on WE tv. 

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