Bride slammed for wanting to ban fiance's 17-year-old pregnant sister to their wedding

Bride slammed for wanting to ban fiance's 17-year-old pregnant sister to their wedding
A 17-year-old pregnant woman was tried to be banned from her brother's wedding by his fiance! (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Truth be told, most of the wedding couples don’t like anyone else taking the spotlight on their wedding. Imagine a couple exchanging their rings and the next minute, someone proposes marriage to their partner? The attention surely will move there. While this might seem nothing to be worried about, it is selfish from the part of the “spotlight” grabbers right on someone’s marriage. Keeping these thoughts in mind, a bride has tried to ban her fiance’s pregnant sister from the wedding. Why? 

An anonymous Reddit user u/Altaccountbutt who is also the bride that we’re talking about took to the “AmITheA**hole” subreddit to share her story. She stated that she didn’t want her fiance’s pregnant sister at their wedding because she is 17 years old and her due date is only 2 weeks away from the wedding. Who would want to risk their wedding to go to the bay if the pregnant girl’s water breaks out? The user wrote that “a few days ago we found out she is pregnant and plans on having the baby…Now I'm not going to sit here and shame her for her irresponsible actions or anything, but I felt like this was a very big deal.” This statement of her already proves she is shaming the teen by calling her choice of pregnancy an irresponsible action. 


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Apart from this, the bride also said that her family is religious, and seeing the teen at the wedding might upset them when the parents of the teen themselves are all fine with it. The user said that her fiance and she had a huge fight. She stated, “I told my fiancé and he got unbelievably p***ed off at me. He told me I was being a complete a**hole by not inviting her since he's her little sister.” That’s unsurprising! What seemed off in her story was in her initial part she wrote, “My worry is this, pregnant women require a lot of care and extra accomidation.” But then she proceeded to say, “Call me selfish, but I feel it [my husband-to-be and I] should be the focal point” She specially added, “I didn’t want to risk her having a baby and needed even more attention from me. So I think she shouldn’t be there.” The Reddit users couldn’t get over her backpedaling vibes and so slammed her with comments.

One of the top comments reads, “YTA. This is a girl who is likely to face a lot of ostracism and challenges already and you seem eager to be first in line to make things harder for her. Be careful, because you are showing some true (and unsettling) colors to your future husband and in-laws.” Another comment says, "I like how she tries to pretend she’s actually being selfless because she’s worried about her being on her feet all day. I’m pretty sure the girl can worry about herself, and decide to decline the invitation if it’s really an issue. Also, aren’t there, like, chairs… at most weddings? Dancing isn’t typically mandatory. Nice try, OP. Get over yourself. YTA.” Apart from this many users have called her “selfish”, “bridezilla” and other names for her actions. 



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