'Briarpatch' Episode 7: Lucretia's obsession continues as her husband Gene Colder goes to hell to finish Jake

'Briarpatch' Episode 7: Lucretia's obsession continues as her husband Gene Colder goes to hell to finish Jake
Lucretia and Gene Colder (USA Network)

Spoilers for 'Briarpatch' Episode 7 

In the previous episode of 'Briarpatch', Jake Spivey's (Jay R Ferguson) real life comes to light when Clyde Brattle (Alan Cumming) stages an attack against him.

Although the former manages to evade the situation with the use of untrained Mexican immigrants as guards, who weren’t much use anyway, Lalo (David Zaldivar) falls prey to Brattle's vengeance. 

Allegra Dill (Rosario Dawson), who until now was counting on Jake's influence and wealth which she thought was in abundance, realizes she is left with very few options to save herself and her childhood friend in a godforsaken town where everybody is getting ground to dust, regardless of who they are. 

'Butterscotch', however, takes a backseat from its usual war of powers and focuses on Gene Colder's (Brian Geraghty) oddball of a wife Lucretia Colder (Christine Woods), who clearly is still obsessed with her husband's dead mistress.

Not only had she hired Harold to bug Felicity, but also subjected herself to a strange punishment by listening to her husband and Felicity's phone sex recordings. 

Meanwhile, Eve Raytek's (Kim Dickens) intentions with the town's politics and an immense display of love towards Felicity makes her already questionable behavior more suspicious as she's seen expressing her desire to campaign against backroom horsetrading to Cyrus (Charles Parnell) while working plans with Mayor Tony Salaza (Mel Rodriguez) to bury Felicity's investigation for good. 

'Briarpatch' continues to retain its mystery factor despite sidelining the plotline. While this may not be treating the series well, owing to one too many intrigues already presented to us, the latest episode feels like a chapter from a storybook, which could be commended for its visual lifeforms and comedic chops, if logic is set aside. 

For instance, 'Butterscotch' teases yet another potential murderer by taking deep dives into Lucretia's obsession with her husband's dead girlfriend. At the same time, we also have Gene Colder going to hell and back to finish Jake as ordered by Brattle. 

This makes us wonder if Gene is after Jake to seek revenge for Felicity's death, should he be involved in it. Or, did he take the life of his own love on the directions of a dreadful criminal? 

With the better half of the season done, 'Briarpatch' is still running high on riddles. It remains to be seen if the rest of the episodes can make up for all the uncertainty the series threw at us all along.

'Briarpatch' airs on Mondays on the USA Network.

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