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Who is Briann Morr? Florida teen attacked by huge alligator while swimming with friends

A 13-year-old girl was attacked by an alligator when she was swimming with her friends at Garder Boat Ramo in Zolfo Springs, Florida
UPDATED JUL 26, 2022
Briann Morr (L) was rushed to the hospital after she was injured in an alligator attack (NBC2 video screenshot, and Getty Images)
Briann Morr (L) was rushed to the hospital after she was injured in an alligator attack (NBC2 video screenshot, and Getty Images)

DESOTO, FLORIDA: A 13-year-old Florida girl was mauled by a massive alligator at around 2.30 on Sunday, July 24, 2022. A DeSoto County teen named Briann Morr decided to take a weekend trip and went to Garder Boat Ramp at Zolfo Springs. She was attacked by an alligator while swimming with her friends, according to NBC2. This is not the first such incident that happened in Florida in recent times. Earlier this year, an old woman was dragged by an alligator after falling into a pond near her house. 

According to reports, Morr was courageous enough that she could save herself from the attack. She claimed that she made an attempt to swim away but was horrified when she saw the alligator returning to attack again. The 13-year-old was badly hurt and immediately rushed to the nearby hospital. 


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Briann Morr, DeSoto County teen (L) attacked by an alligator (Photo: NBC2 news screenshot)
Briann Morr (L) was attacked by an alligator (NBC2 news screenshot)

According to NBC2, Morr said, "I turn around because I heard something go through the water and the gator tried to grab my foot and I kicked my foot under the water." Morr peered at the gator closely when it opened its jaws. She said, "I saw its mouth open cause I turned my head and I saw its mouth open and close on my arm and that’s when I smacked it." 

Soon, the teenager was rushed to the hospital where doctors declared there is no permanent damage. Morr is currently having trouble lifting and moving her arm. During the interview, she said she felt her back and there was a hole in it. 

Morr's mother Krystal was devastated after learning about the incident. She said, “I feel lucky to have my daughter. Right now we’d probably be planning a funeral if she didn’t think so fast.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reported that an alligator trapper with a contract to deal with nuisance alligators has been sent to the area. Currently, they are trying to determine whether the alligator has been trapped.

In Florida, alligators can be found in fresh, brackish, and salt water, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which calculated that there are more than a million alligators in the state.

Human-Alligator Incidents Fact Sheet

A report by FWC stated that Florida has averaged eight unprovoked alligator bites per year over the last 10 years. Incidents are serious enough to require professional medical treatment. The likelihood of a Florida resident being seriously injured during an unprovoked alligator incident in Florida is roughly only one in 3.1 million. From 1948 to 2021, 442 unprovoked bite incidents have occurred in Florida, 26 of these bites resulted in human fatalities.