How did cadaver dogs miss Brian Laundrie's remains? Conspiracy grows around truth

Former cop dubs discovery of remains 'highly suspicious' after noting trained cadaver dogs searched the area and did not detect anything

                            How did cadaver dogs miss Brian Laundrie's remains? Conspiracy grows around truth
Brian Laundrie's parents Chris and Roberta initially told police that they had not seen their son since September 14 (Twitter/@kingtrizi, Instagram/@gabspetito)

The discovery of Brian Laundrie's remains may have closed the file on the haunting case of Gabby Petito, but there are still many unanswered questions. We may never truly know what happened to Gabby or even Brian with very few remains being discovered at the Carlton Reserve in Florida. Those remains have now become the subject of great speculation, given that the FBI has been searching the area for over a month.

Right now, the case has sparked numerous conspiracy theories, many of which are now focused on Laundrie himself. As we reported earlier, it's unclear how exactly Laundrie died, with social media claiming alligators were responsible. Another theory claims he could be a serial killer, given that several other people were found during the hunt for him and Petito. Many also believe the discovery of Laundrie's body was staged and that his family "planted" the evidence, a claim their lawyer has slammed.


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Those claims have now morphed into something larger, with experts joining conspiracy theorists to question how Laundrie's body was discovered the same day his parents joined the hunt. What's even more intriguing is that the FBI has been searching the very area Laundrie's body was found for over six weeks, using drones, trained sniffer dogs and all the other tools at their disposal. To former cop Kyle Heyen, the facts don't just add up, leading him to call the situation "highly suspicious".



'They should have found him'

Speaking on 'Dan Abrams Live', the former cop and K-9 handler continued to push the big theory around the discovery of Laundrie's remains. "If the body had been there, when they went by with cadaver dogs, and the body had been there for more than two or three minutes, the odor would have come through the water. They should have been able to locate that body," he said. Heyen added, "If the dogs are well trained, well maintained, and we’re in that area, then yeah, they should have smelled the odor of the human." 

Questions are being asked of the FBI since the body was found. So far, they maintained that the location was underwater earlier, which is why they didn't find Laundrie's remains. But as Heyen noted, that shouldn't have been an issue for the dogs. He reiterated "They would have detected Laundrie’s body." So why didn't they? There's no clear answer, which is what many people find troubling.

It has led to the quick growth of the theory that the discovery was staged, or that the parents had a role to play, despite attorney Steven Bertolino vehemently denying such allegations. On social media, the theory has taken on a life of its own, with many calling it out as strange and bizarre.

'How did the Laundrie family know?'

One person tweeted, "So, Brian Laundrie’s parents found his body in the same place the FBI searched for weeks with cadaver dogs and couldn’t find? Something is off." Another noted, "A tale of 2 searches with such dizzyingly different results. #FBI - search dogs, boats, ATVs, helicopters, 60 days search: 0 evidence. #Laundrie parents - 30 minute search: camp site discovered, back pack discovered, body discovered. And they didn’t know where he was? Right."




Echoing that sentiment, one person tweeted, "So authorities looked for Brian Laundrie for a month with vehicles, dogs, drones, etc… but his parents tell the FBI they’re going to look for him and they find his stuff and a body within a couple of hours? I’m sure it’s just coincidence." Another asked, "How did the Laundrie family know where to direct cops to where a body might be found when cops and cadaver dogs have been searching for a month with no success?"




Unfortunately, we may never know the full truth. The Laundrie family have announced via their lawyer they won't be talking about the case for now, but might at some point in the future. Until they do, we can only speculate as to what exactly happened, and how the dogs missed the body.

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