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THE NOTEBOOK: Brian Laundrie's diary found near body may hold secret to Gabby Petito case

Some Internet sleuths are also claiming that if the belongings were found underwater, it is unlikely that the notebook is intact and identifiable
UPDATED OCT 21, 2021
Did Brian Laundrie write a confession in that notebook? (Fox News/Moab Police Department)
Did Brian Laundrie write a confession in that notebook? (Fox News/Moab Police Department)

SARASOTA, FLORIDA: The FBI has confirmed that Florida fugitive Brian Laundrie's backpack and notebook were found in a Florida park, along with partial human remains. Internet sleuths, who have come up with various theories of their own ever since Gabby Petito went missing, now believe that Laundrie's journal will provide clues into the disappearance and strangulation of Petito. "Earlier today investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items, such as backpack and notebook, belonging to Brian Laundrie," said Tampa-based Special Agent Michael McPherson. "These items were found in an area that up until recently had been underwater. I know you have a lot of questions, but we don't have all the answers yet. We're working diligently to get those answers for you."

According to the Laundries' family attorney Steven Bertolino, Chris and Roberta Laundrie directed the authorities to the location where "some articles belonging to Brian were found." Reportedly, the belongings were discovered by Laundrie's parents. Twitter sleuths are now wondering if there's a "chance he wrote a confession note in that notebook." 


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Does the notebook contain clues?

"Do we think there’s a chance he wrote a confession note in that notebook? #BrianLaundrie," a user wrote on Twitter. "There's a bench on the side #brianlaundrie was found left of the Myakkahatchee Environmental Park towards Big Slough Preserve. Wonder if he wrote in his notebook here and curious to know what's in it," another user wrote.



"I think the notebook holds all the keys. For thwm to find that. And it to be mentioned. I feel that's where the truth lies. Or at least I hope so #BrianLaundrie," wrote one user, while another wrote, "If it is, indeed, Brian Laundrie authorities found, I hope, for both families involved, he wrote an explanation in the notebook find next to "human remains." #GabbyPetito". "If they found a notebook and this is indeed his body... our last hope is that he left a letter in that notebook with answers. But that is just wishful thinking. Chances are he continued to be the selfish person he is and left her family with no answers. #BrianLaundrie," one user said.




How can the notebook be identifiable?

A section of people is also claiming that if the belongings were found underwater, it is unlikely that the notebook is intact and identifiable, specifically because it was inside a backpack that appears to be ripped. Many are wondering how Laundrie's parents discovered the belongings all of a sudden when a massive manhunt by the FBI failed to do it. The Internet believes there are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the new development in the case.

Some of Brian Laundrie's belongings, including his backpack and notebook, have been found (Joseph Morris/Twitter)

"There is no way that the remains found belong to #BrianLaundrie And “partial” remains…along with a notebook. That notebook should have been unidentifiable being in water for that long. They found everything that fast, and they are completely emotionless? Yeah, okay," one user wrote on Twitter. Another user wrote, "Wait so the notebook is still intact after this long? Searching for a full month and this notebook and backpack was never seen prior?.... #BrianLaundrie".



"Big question in my mind, upon finding things that supposedly belong to Brian laundrie, if this area has been underwater, wouldn’t the notebook be shredded? How degraded are the back, i.e., clothes etc? Inquiring minds want to know!" said one user, while another wrote, "How is the notebook that the FBI found identifiable as Brian Laundrie’s? Multiple sources have stated that the area was flooded up until very recently. How would it be legible unless it was planted? #brianlandrie #GabbyPetito #justiceforgabby". "If that part of the reserve was covered in water until now, wouldn’t the backpack and notebook have floated further away from “the partial remains” #BrianLaundrie," said one user.