Brian Laundrie listed couple tattoos with Gabby Petito as 'things to burn off'

Gabby Petito's tattoos helped in identification of her body during the autopsy

                            Brian Laundrie listed couple tattoos with Gabby Petito as 'things to burn off'
Brian Laundrie's tattoos might have a deeper meaning, social media users predict (Instagram/Gabby Petito)

Gabby Petito's tattoos have proved to be an indispensable clue to identify her during the autopsy, since her body was already decomposed beyond recognition. Now, with the public keeping an eye out for Brian Laundrie, social media sleuths are urging everyone to pay extra attention to his hand tattoos. Laundrie, who apparently sports a leafy vine tattoo on his fingers and a mountain tattoo on his right arm, is currently on the run with an arrest warrant issued in his name. 

The cause of Gabby Petito's death is yet to be ascertained as the final autopsy results are still awaited. Although the initial findings were that the vlogger died as a result of homicide, full details are expected to be revealed soon. Earlier this week her body was found in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Former New York Chief Medical Examiner Michael Baden said that the FBI may also have a cause of death if signs of trauma are "obvious," such as a gunshot wound. The autopsy results are expected to reveal the cause and time of death, whether the person died at the location where remains were discovered, and a DNA match.


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What is the meaning of Brian Laundrie's tattoos?

Both Brian Laundrie and his fiancee Gabby Petito had leaf vine tattoos on their fingers, which is believed to be a set of couple tats. In fact, Gabby even posted a close-up photo of them holding hands, where their tattoos are clearly visible. While Gabby's vines were linear, Brian Laundrie's vine tattoo was in solid black.

Brian and Gabby's couple tattoos (Instagram)

TikTok sleuths have stalked Brian Laundrie's Pinterest profile thoroughly and chanced upon a saved board titled - 'Things to burn off'. The board mostly comprises tattoo ideas — with topics ranging from Wiccan motifs to astrology and couple tattoos. He had saved an extensive range of leaf vine finger tattoos, including the ones he and Gabby eventually got done. However, it is the bizarre and 'creepy' name of the board that is raising suspicion among social media users closely following the case. 

A glimpse of Brian Laundrie's Pinterest Board 'Things to Burn Off'

A Twitter user said, "it could be nothing or i could be wrong. this is his tattoo and this is a pin on his account? #BrianLaundrie"

"@JordanJones33 you also have to remember that he is known to wear tattoo sleeves over his arms, fake tattoo sleeves #BrianLaundrie," another user said.

A third user tweeted, "Brian Laundrie tattoo this was taken from his IG account .. if anyone spots a dude that resembles Brian, check out there hands for this tattoo #catchakiller #guiltyAF #BrianLaundrie."

A fourth user speculated, "This is a long stretch, but I haven’t paid attention to this. Has anyone thoroughly went through #BrianLaundrie’s photos and noticed the hand tattoo in multiple? Could it possibly be henna? I don’t think it is, but it’s worth considering."





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