Brian Laundrie's father to join search for son, Internet says, 'I don't trust Chris'

The attorney for the Laundries' said that Chris has agreed to join the search for his fugitive son but the Internet believes this is a ploy

                            Brian Laundrie's father to join search for son, Internet says, 'I don't trust Chris'
Brian Laundrie's father will join the search for his fugitive son according to the family's attorney(Instagram/@gabspetito)

-The manhunt for Brian Laundrie has been going on for several days with no success and the Laundrie family or the #DirtyLaundries as they're being referred to on social media are cracking under the pressure. Cassie Laundrie appeared on 'Good Morning America' and said, "No I do not know where Brian is.. I'd turn him in." She said she would try to get her brother to surrender if he tried to establish contact. "I worry about him. I hope he's OK, and then I am angry and don't know what to think... I would tell my brother to just come forward and get us out of this horrible mess," she said. Now Brian's father Christopher Laundrie has agreed to join the search for his son, according to the family's attorney.

Brian Laundrie has been on the run since mid-September, four days after Gabby Petito was reported missing by her mother Nicole Schmidt. Since then, he has been sighted across Mexico and South America. Dog the Bounty Hunter and former host of 'America's Most Wanted' John Walsh have joined the hunt for him. Dog believes Brian hasn't left Florida and he's hiding in the Everglades. The TV personality also said he doesn't believe the fugitive is suicidal but he might not be doing well. 


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Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino revealed that Chris Laundrie's assistance has been sought by North Port Police as they continue to look for Brian in the Carlton Reserve where he had gone hiking on September 13. "The North Port police informed me that they were focusing on certain areas of the preserve today and they were actually hoping that Mr Laundrie could join them on that search," Bertolino said in a phone interview on October 6. "Mr Laundrie has consented and we are waiting for the call from the North Port Police Department to make that happen," he added. 

Bertolino said police "wanted to narrow down some of the places in the park that Brian had liked to visit in the past. … I think they’re just narrowing down their search based upon the inability to locate Brian on the previous days." North Port police spokesman Josh Taylor confirmed in an email on October 6 that "Mr Laundrie was not a part of the search today," while Bertolino said Chris was "excited" to join the search for his son. "He was excited to go because he hasn't been allowed in the park. The park has been closed to the public. … The only place they would look for Brian is in the park," Bertolino said adding that Brian's parents are "distraught and they are upset and they are hopeful that their son will be found."

Reporter J.B Blunno tweeted, "Why now? What changed? Why not weeks ago?" While another user replied to the tweet saying, "this looks like word salad by the attorney trying to rehab the Laundrie’s image. I bet Chris Landrie won’t leave his house on Thursday." Another user wondered, "could Chris Laundrie be taking law enforcement for a walk so brian can move around? or because he knows he isn’t there?" Another user noted, "If Chris Laundrie heads to the Carlton reserve to "help" the FBI "search" for Brian...... I hope he realizes he's almost out of time. The feds are gonna watch him like a hawk. Body language and all. Things don't look good for the parents," another tweet read. "I don’t trust Chris Laundrie.  IMO, this is a strategic ploy by the Laundries to steer the FBI away from an area where they may be close to capturing Brian!  I believe the Father and Mother know EXACTLY where he is; otherwise, they would be panicked and they ARE NOT!!!" another user said.







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