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Is Brian Laundrie in Bahamas? Theory alleges 'parents probably helped' him escape

New conspiracy theory fueled by John Walsh's revelations say Brian Laundrie could have made it to the Bahamas from Florida
UPDATED SEP 28, 2021
Brian Laundrie is still at large (Instagram/Brian Laundrie)
Brian Laundrie is still at large (Instagram/Brian Laundrie)

The question 'where is Brian Laundrie?' is now on everyone's minds. Since disappearing from his home in Florida, Gabby Petito's boyfriend has sparked a massive nationwide search, with internet sleuths joining hands with the FBI. Bounty hunters have also jumped in, and together the cocktail has resulted in some truly crazy conspiracy theories. After a week-long effort in the Carlton Reserve that has cost around $1m, authorities are now focusing their efforts elsewhere.

There have been reports of Laundrie being spotted in Venice Park, Sarasota County, and Baker, Florida. As we have covered, there have also been a large number of theories as to where he could be. One claims he is in Alabama, and heading to Mexico. Now, a new theory has surfaced, claiming Laundrie has indeed made it out of the US mainland is probably hiding in the Bahamas. 


Memes, conspiracy theories and support for Brian Laundrie emerge in new subreddits

Brian Laundrie's parents did not help him escape, says attorney Steven Bertolino

As with all claims, it's worth taking this one with a pinch of salt for now. We haven't received any credible tips from the Bahamas to indicate that Laundrie is there, but as some "experts" on Twitter point out that it isn't an impossible journey to make. The Bahamas theory has gained steam thanks to criminal investigator John Walsh. During an episode of 'In Pursuit With John Walsh', the host revealed that the Bahamas was amongst the three possible locations.

Brian Laundrie (Instagram @ bizarre_design_)

Is Brian Laundrie in the Bahamas?

In the latest episode of his show, Walsh revealed that all the tips narrowed down to three locations  - Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Appalachian Trail. Laundrie and Petito visited the Appalachian Trail for her 22nd birthday, so it is possible that Laundrie would be back there, given it is familiar territory. There have also been considerable theories claiming Laundrie was either in or heading to Mexico. The third option though is definitely worth exploring further.

From Miami, Nassau is only 181 miles away. The Andros Island is closer at around 154 miles. While that's still a considerably large distance, many people believe it is certainly possible for Laundrie to have made that trip. Walsh said 15 of the 500 tips he received claimed Laundrie was in the Bahamas. The theory gained steam thanks to other social media users, such as Skye Leigh, a tarot reader.

On September 26, Leigh uploaded a video to YouTube titled 'Weres Brian Laundrie?The Bahamas maybe??' In it, she said Laundrie was traveling with an older female, who likely financed his escape. "The guy is in the f-----g Bahamas," Leigh added in her video. A quick look through Twitter appears to indicate that many people agree with Leigh and Walsh.

Bahamas link should be declared 'soon'

"Brian Laundrie's parents probably Helped their son get to the Bahamas," one user claimed. Another tweeted, "Heard there is a lot of law enforcement & Dog the Bounty Hunter out looking 4 Brian. I agree w/@DogBountyHunter start at the appalachian trail. Someone said as long as he showed his vaccination card he can get on Boat from Florida to go to Bahamas!" One person claimed, "Source close to be believes US MARSHAL is closing in on Brian Laundrie in Isabel ,Puerto Rico . Appears he moved from home to Bahamas . to Isabel . Has NOT been officially declared yet, but should be soon."




How did Laundrie get to the Bahamas? Some users have dug in deep to find out. One person said, "A creditable lead has come in that Brian may be in the Bahamas. John Walsh confirmed. The Fort Lauderdale to Freeport ferry crossing operates weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 2 hrs 30 min." Another tweeted, "why they still searching the carlton reserve only?? it's time to look at the bahamas, cuba, & other nearby foreign countries as well. it's entirely possible that he escaped on boat. his parents are clearly complicit and probably gave feds a false lead." One user claimed, "I think I just saw Brian Laundrie in the Bahamas with beaded cornrows. Carnival Cruises will really take anybody."




This is merely a conspiracy theory for now. While Walsh may have claimed to have received tips from the Bahamas, it's worth disregarding them until the FBI confirms the validity of the claims. The case has also birthed several other bizarre conspiracy theories, like one that claims Laundrie is being hunted simply because he is bald. In fact, it has gotten so much attention, two subreddits devoted to Brian Laundrie have popped up over the past week.