Brian Cox reveals how he kept 'Succession's fatal episode a secret

Brian Cox reveals how he kept 'Succession's fatal episode a secret
Brian Cox as Logan Roy in 'Succession' (IMDb)

Spoilers ahead for Episode 3


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The highly acclaimed HBO series 'Succession' recently premiered with the third episode of its Season 4, which left everyone in shocked because a beloved character was killed off. Since the series premiere, the dark comedy-drama has been steadily building towards the death of Logan Roy (Brian Cox), and hints about the character's ill health were dropped from time to time. So it's fair to say that it was pretty much inevitable.


Fans have been raging about the death of Logan Cox since the episode first aired, but it has been reported that the show's creator, Jesse Armstrong, and the actor went to great lengths to ensure that the episode's plotline remained unknown to the public and the media. How did they accomplish this? Read on to find out.


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Brian Cox attended billionaire Logan Roy’s funeral

Actor Brian Cox, who plays fan favorite Logan Roy in the series, is saying goodbye to his character and told Deadline how he decided to make sure the plot of the episode was not leaked to the press or fans. Logan Roy and his son-in-law and chief sycophant Tom Wambsgans board a private plane to seal a multibillion-dollar sale to streaming kingpin Lukas Matsson in an attempt to rebuild the empire, but Logan dies on the flight.



Brian Cox stated that he was proud that he was able to keep the death of Logan Roy a secret, adding that the actor attended his character's funeral to protect viewers and keep the plot secret before the episode's release. He explained that the producers planned to film a fake scene with him in the church to catch people off guard, but that they ran out of time and they scrapped the idea. 

The Scottish-born actor further said, “And I said, I do. And they said, what? I said, I’m coming in. They said, yeah, but we’re not doing the scene. I said, look, I’m coming in, because I know there’s going to be a whole lot of paparazzi there, and they’re going to be wondering what that funeral is. I am coming in. So, I said to my driver, I said, Joe, let’s go, we’re going. So, and as soon as I got out of the car, there were paparazzi shooting me left, right and center, and therefore, they thought, Logan’s at the funeral, what is he doing? You see, and if I hadn’t done that, if I hadn’t come, they would’ve gone, it’s Logan’s funeral. And I was the one who took that responsibility. They didn’t even think of it. They were so rushed, and so much, you know, this last season was very difficult to film.”



Brian Cox predicts future of final episodes of 'Succession'

During the interview, Brian Cox was asked where he thinks the story will lead during the final episodes, to which he answered that he is very interested in seeing how everything turns out, especially now that Logan Roy has left. Brian added that it will be exciting for the audience, as well as him, to see how Logan Roy's shadow lingers for the family.



When asked who he thinks will succeed Logan Roy in the upcoming episodes of the Emmy Award-winning show, Cox said he is highly skeptical that it will be the kids, adding that he believes they will be locked out. Cox also stated that 'Succession' is one of the best television shows and it is because of the integrity of the show, and discipline of the show.



‘Succession’ is streaming on HBO.

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 Brian Cox reveals how he kept 'Succession's fatal episode a secret