Is Bria Martone Mancuso pregnant? 'Unpolished' star tries hard to make 'honeymoon baby' dream a reality

Seeing that the couple were planning a honeymoon baby, we're curious to know - is Bria Martone Mancuso pregnant after all?

                            Is Bria Martone Mancuso pregnant? 'Unpolished' star tries hard to make 'honeymoon baby' dream a reality
Bria Martone Mancuso and Matt Mancuso from TLC's 'Unpolished' (@realmattmancuso/ Instagram )

When it comes to 'Unpolished' you know for a fact there won't be a single boring moment. This latest season comes with its own sets of ups and downs as we see the Martone ladies trying to get back on their feet after the death of Big Mike Martone as they struggle to keep the salon afloat. And of course, who can forget Bria Martone's big, fat wedding in the middle of all this personal drama and a pandemic, no less. So far, we've seen the Martone sisters butt heads relentlessly over this money matters, seeing that Bria is determined to have the wedding of her dreams while Lexi struggles to keep the salon up and running.

Seeing that Big Mike did, in fact, keep a bit of money aside, Jennifer Martone was able to fund her daughter's dream wedding. While the ongoing season continues to play out, we're rather curious about one specific detail - is Bria Martone Mancuso pregnant?


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Earlier in the season, we saw her visit the doctor with her now-husband, Mancuso. And let's just say it was quite the learning moment. Mancuso came in hot with a few questions and some questionable theories, including one about how specific positions could help determine the sex of the baby. It's safe to say that the OBGYN Dr Chau Lee was not pleased with his alleged research. The fact that she said "Matt may not understand conception counselling very much. In comparison to other dads, he may understand it even less well," was a clear indicator that she wasn't his biggest fan (We have a feeling Lexi would LOVE her).


But jokes and sex education aside, seeing that the couple tied the knot back in September 2020, it has been a good five months since then, which has us all wondering - what about Bria's honeymoon baby, seeing that she was keen on getting pregnant as soon as possible. Turns out, there is no news as of now about the couple expecting a child together. The two of them have been spending time with Mancuso's sons, Ronin and Logan. The family of four even celebrated Valentine's Day together and we have to admit, it's sweet seeing just how much Bria considers the boys to be her very own.






While there are no babies on the way just yet, we're just going to have to wait and see what's in store for the new Martone-Mancuso clan.

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