'Breeders' Episode 8: Paul constantly compromises and breaks the gender inequality stereotype

From a rushed wedding to taking charge of the household while his wife moves to Berlin for work, Paul proves that men like him can also sacrifice their careers if required

                            'Breeders' Episode 8: Paul constantly compromises and breaks the gender inequality stereotype
Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard (FX)

It is either just Martin Freeman being his best at acting or his character of Paul Worsley is so beautifully written that you want to feel bad for this man at every step of his story. On the face of it, you see a partner who is always making adjustments with his woman and a father who loses his cool with his children and doesn’t refrain from using the harshest, most profane words, when needed. But this is also a man who has always been thwarted and snubbed by his parents. He has constantly been under pressure of doing his best for his partner and kids, and all this, while dealing with the two most impossible children that one could think of.  

We have seen Paul get angry, frustrated and trying really hard to make everyone happy. And as the series is about to end, he proves that he is a classic example of how men could compromise without ranting much about it. The episode ‘No Honeymoon’ was the ultimate test for his character.

Imagine this. After years of persuading Ally, she finally managed to say yes to Paul’s marriage proposal. Not that it ever mattered to them but Paul finally got to take their relationship to the next level. But as luck would have it, things never go the way he expects them to. Ally is so preoccupied with work and new changes at her workplace that she is barely into the wedding planning. Surprisingly, she is not even feeling bad about it. Why, you wonder?

We know Ally is a little more practical than Paul and was never into the whole wedding thing (especially after her first marriage failed). Back to Paul, he also ends up sacrificing his own pay raise only so he doesn’t have to fire two juniors who cannot afford to lose their jobs. And to balance this out financially, he has no choice but to let Ally go to Berlin, even if it meant giving up on honeymoon plans and letting his newlywed wife rush to another country within hours of getting married.

In case you thought Paul is the “ideal” guy/husband/partner, think again. Is he? No, absolutely not. He has his episodes. He can be callous, tactless and swears a lot on his children. So, no, he is not perfect. Paul Worsley is a heavily flawed man. And yet, you want to just get into the screen and hug him for all his efforts because he proves every time that making serious compromises is something that even men can handle.

But the question is, will Paul’s compromises bring any results that favor his and Ally’s relationship or their family life?

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