Brayden Bahme: Cheney High School sophomore dies after being impaled by goalpost in tragic gym class accident

Brayden Bahme: Cheney High School sophomore dies after being impaled by goalpost in tragic gym class accident
Brayden Bahme died after the tragedy at Cheney High School (Holly Bahme Goodman/Facebook)

CHENEY, WASHINGTON: A terrible sporting incident involving a goal post impaling a 16-year-old Washington State high school sophomore through the eye has resulted in his death. Brayden Bahme died on Thursday, April 27 after the unusual tragedy at Cheney High School.

Although the exact circumstances of the accident are still unknown, school officials claim that the student's eye was impaled on a segment of a goalpost while he was running during a gym class at Washington State high school. Brayden was rushed to a children's hospital, where he later died from his fatal injuries. His family has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his funeral expenses. The 16-year-old's family, school, and friends have paid tribute to him.


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What happened to Brayden Bahme?

A letter from Cheney Superintendent Ben Ferney claimed that the Cheney High School sophomore who was dearly known as 'fish pockets Bahme', was "severely injured" during a "tragic accident" in PE class. According to the Cheney Fire Chief, paramedics were called to the school just before 2.00 pm upon getting reports of a man who had been impaled in the eye and was unconscious, as per KXLY. He was taken to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital by first responders who arrived within a minute. The student later died from his wounds.


On Friday, classes went on as usual, although students were urged to get support as they mourned Bahme's death. "If you feel you or your child are in need of support from one of our counselors, please do not hesitate to call the counseling center at your school," Ferney wrote.

Family and friends pay tribute




Bahme's aunt Holly Bahme Goodman wrote on social media that the family required time and space to grieve. The aunt wrote, "'It’s with a heavy heart that we share with our family, friends and Cheney high school community that Heaven gained an angel last night." She added, "My nephew Brayden Bahme passed away from an injury that he sustained at school. As you can imagine this is a tragic loss and his parents and siblings appreciate your grace in giving them time and space as they mourn. They asked that instead of spreading sadness and anger, we share love and our favorite memories of Bray."

'Brayden fish pockets Bahme'

Goodman has set up a GoFundMe to assist with funding the family's emergency expenses and burial plans. "It’s with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to Brayden. Our entire family appreciates the outreach of support," the page read. "This go-fund-me will be used to take care of Brayden’s final burial arrangements and immediate needs of the family. All remaining funds will be used for a youth fishing program in honor of Brayden “fish pockets” Bahme." This week, a few of his former teammates and his mother, Heather, gathered on the football field to pay tribute to him.


'Disgraceful, disturbing and disrespectful'

The school issued a statement that some deemed to be heartless, reading: "While it is important to allow all the opportunity to experience grief, it is also important to maintain as normal a routine as possible regarding school activities. There may be a variety of reactions to the unforeseen loss of Brayden and reactions to loss do not have a timeline." "Cheney Public Schools, I am overwhelmingly disgusted and disappointed with the insensitive manner in which you handled this situation," said a parent. "At minimum school should not have been in session today not only that I would have been perfectly fine picking up my child early on Thursday due to the traumatic circumstance. Us parents do not care about staff hours, funding, testing, an extra day added to the end of the school year when it comes down to the safety (physical, mental or emotional) of our children, of our neighbors’ children, of the communities children, of ALL the children." She added,

"Your lack of empathy for this family, his friends and children who may have witnessed this, is utterly horrifying. If the fatality of a child warrants this type of response… I can only imagine what else has happened or will happen that’s completely brushed under the rug. Absolutely disgraceful, disturbing and disrespectful." Another person wrote, "I think this is the most impersonal, emotionless, cold, and inconsequential condolences statement I've ever read!!!!YES!"




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