Henry Meacock: NJ student, 19, who died on spring break fell from Mexican hotel balcony while helping guest

Henry Meacock: NJ student, 19, who died on spring break fell from Mexican hotel balcony while helping guest
Henry Meacock plunged to his death from the balcony of a Melia hotel in Mexico (Ellie Meacock/Instagram and melia.com)

COLUMBUS, OHIO: Henry Meacock, a New Jersey college student died last week while on spring break after he fell from a hotel balcony in Mexico. The 19-year-old was trying to help another guest retrieve a phone or an ID dropped from the balcony.

On March 15, the Ohio State University student plunged to his death from the Mexican hotel, Puerto Vallarta's third floor while he tried to help a girl in retrieving her items by jumping from one balcony to another, according to a medical examiner and the Jalisco state attorney general. He was the second person to fall from the Melia hotel's third floor this month. The other victim survived, reported NY Post.


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What happened on the day of his death?

With residents of Westfield's teen leafy hometown of Meacock sharing several social posts, they claimed that when another guest at the hotel in Mexico dropped an ID, the 19-year-old crashed through a plexiglass platform while retrieving the dropped item.


"At the hotel, a girl a room above his dropped her ID and it landed on plexiglass between the balconies," and, "He tried to get it for her, stepped on the plexiglass and it gave way and he fell," one social media user shared on Facebook. However, others claimed that he tried to retrieve a phone that was dropped and not an ID.

Meacock's family and friends paid tribute

In an online obituary, the amiable young man was described as "the most genuine soul" and "a gentleman to his very core." The finance major moved to the US at the age of three after he was born in England. "Friendships and family were ultimately what gave him happiness. He oozed kindness wherever he went and never judged others or tried to change anyone’s mind but at the same time held on to his beliefs," the obituary read.


Meacock who was a loyal fan of Queens Park Rangers Football Club of West London was a golf caddie and a former soccer player. The obit read that "he also loved nothing more than being at the NJ shore with his High School friends or enjoying student life at The Ohio State University in the mix of a large group, where he often set the tempo with his renowned playlists."

Following his tragic death, his grieving elder sister, Ellie, 22, shared an emotional tribute on social media. The post which has since been switched to private read, "My baby brother, I can’t believe it. Words cannot describe how much I miss you. It hurts to breathe without you. You are an extremely special soul that will live on forever. The most beautiful boy inside and out. Nobody will ever have a smile quite like yours."

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 Henry Meacock: Teen who died on spring break fell from balcony